SCS Fellows Recognition

The grade of Fellow of SCS (FSCS) recognizes unusual distinction in the profession. Election as a Fellow is by motion of the Board of Directors on the recommendation of the Fellow Selection Committee. The Fellow Selection Committee consists of all active Fellows or the fifteen (15) longest standing Fellows, whichever is less.

Criteria for nomination as a Fellow are:
  • Outstanding and acknowledged achievements in the modeling and simulation field
  • Senior Membership qualifications in the Society for at least five years.
  • Nomination by an SCS Senior Member or Fellow.
  • Five recommendations by Senior Members or Fellows of which at least 2 must be by Fellows.

Fellow nominations should reach the SCS Office by March 1, each year. The Fellow Selection Committee assigns each nomination to a subcommittee which reports to the full Selection Committee. Recommendations to elect a candidate as a Fellow are made to the Board of Directors by the full Fellow Selection Committee.

To nominate someone for this recognition, please send a message to SCS and we'll contact you for further information, if necessary.

SCS Fellows

  • 1992 Jordan Quan-Ban Chou
  • 1992 Roy Crosbie
  • 1992 Martin Dost (deceased)
  • 1992 Per A. Holst
  • 1992 Ralph C. Huntsinger
  • 1992 Walter Karplus (deceased)
  • 1992 Eugene Kerckhoffs
  • 1992 Naim A. Kheir
  • 1992 Carl W. Malstrom
  • 1992 Norbert E. Pobanz
  • 1992 Ghi Vansteenkiste
  • 1993 Ben Clymer (deceased)
  • 1995 Robert Howe
  • 1995 Granino Korn
  • 1995 Charles M. Shub
  • 1995 Monte Ung
  • 1998 Paul Fishwick
  • 1999 Mitch Sisle
  • 2001 Mohammad Obaidat
  • 2004 Francois Cellier
  • 2006 Bernie Zeigler
  • 2008 Tag Gon Kim