Call for Papers | 2012 Conference on Energy, Climate & Environment Modeling & Simulation (ECEMS12)

Call For Papers

2012 Conference on Energy, Climate & Environment
Modeling & Simulation (ECEMS12)

Part of 2012 Autumn Simulation Multi-Conference

October 28 – 31, San Diego, California

Sponsored by the Society for Modeling and Simulation International

The wave of technological innovation taking place today in energy systems is fundamentally about automation, and the desire to build sophisticated automation systems is spurring a fresh interest in modeling and simulation of electric power systems. The 2012 Autumn Simulation Conference is seeking papers that describe new methods and technologies for modeling and simulation of smart electric systems, and applications of these methods and technologies to new problems posed by the rapid innovation taking place in energy systems. The aim of this symposium is to bring together practitioners and researchers in the fields of modeling and simulation and energy systems to share ideas, foster collaborations, and accelerate the advance of M&S for future energy systems. Particularly welcome are papers on the topics of hybrid systems, simulation architectures, numerical methods, parallel computing, modeling methods, and interdisciplinary design of simulation systems, but we encourage submissions on any facet of modeling and simulation with applications to power systems.

This conference gives practitioners and researchers in the field of M&S an opportunity to become familiar with simulation technologies and outstanding problems in the field of energy systems. For practitioners and researchers in the field of energy systems, this conference provides an opportunity to learn about recent advances in modeling and simulation technologies and their applications within a variety of disciplines. This interdisciplinary conference will also provide a unique opportunity to begin collaborations to work on solutions of difficult research problems in M&S for energy systems and to bring state of the art M&S technology to bear on practical problems of the energy industry.

Opportunities to participate:

  • Technical Articles should incorporate significant results in research, practice, or education. Submissions will be selected based on originality of the work and contribution to the field or body of knowledge of Energy, Climate & Environment.
  • Experience Reports should present timely information on the application of modeling and simulation in the energy, climate and environment domain. Papers will be selected based on the interest of the experience presented to the energy, climate and environment community.
  • Panel sessions will allow a group of experts to address a particular topic and exchange views between themselves and the audience. Panels present expert insight into diverse areas of energy, climate and environment simulation, providing a forum to share their expertise and experiences with colleagues.
  • Workshops / Tutorials provide sessions for engery, climate and environment professionals to explore issues, challenges, new developments, and other areas of interest.

Key Dates:

Workshops / Tutorials August 31, 2012

Workshop and tutorial proposals should clearly indicate the topic, instructor name and qualifications, outline of topics to be presented, duration (hours) and expected experience level of participants.
Full Paper Submission August 31, 2012

Technical articles and experience report submissions will follow "SCS Conference and Workshop Guidelines" available on the SCS website. Online submissions and paper reviews will be handled in accordance with the SCS Conference Proceedings Management System.
Panel Sessions August 31, 2012

Panel session proposals should identify the panel topic, panel chair and panelist contact information and biographies of accepted and invited panelists.
Acceptance Notification September 14, 2012 Notification of acceptance will be sent by email by September 14, 2012.
Final Papers Due September 24, 2012 Authors must submit a final version of accepted papers, incorporating reviewer comments, by this date.

ECEMS 2012 Chairs:

Power systems and simulation:
Jean Mahseredjian (email | web)
Kevin Schneider (email | web)
Power systems in general:
Yilu Liu (email | web)
Marija Ilic (email | web)

Author Guidelines:

Papers should be submitted to the SCS Conference Management System at http://www.softconf.com/scs/ECEMS12. Papers should be formatted according to SCS Conference and Workshop formatting guidelines available at http://www.scs.org/PDFs/formattingkit.pdf