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March 22 - 27, 2009

Doubletree Hotel San Diego-Mission Valley
San Diego, CA

General Chair

Gabriel A. Wainer
Carleton University,  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Vice General Chairs
Cliff Shaffer, Virginia Tech &
Dr. Robert McGraw, RAM Laboratories, Inc.

Program Chair
Michael J. Chinni


Tutorial Chair
Prof. Axel Lehmann
Universitaet der Bundeswehr Muenchen

Poster Chair
Abdolreza Abhari
Ryerson University,  Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Awards Chair
Cliff Shaffer, Virginia Tech, USA

Exhibits & Publicity Chair
David Long

Local Arrangements Chair
Dr. Robert McGraw, RAM Laboratories, Inc.

Sponsored by
The Society for Modeling and Simulation International (SCS)
P.O. Box 17900
San Diego, CA  92177-7900
Tel: 858-277-3888
Fax: 858-277-3930

Call for Papers
Military Modeling and Simulation Symposium (MMS'09)

Part of the 2009 Spring Simulation Multiconference (SpringSim'09)

Sponsored by:
The Society for Modeling and Simulation International (SCS)

March 22 - 27, 2009

Doubletree Hotel San Diego-Mission Valley
San Diego, CA

Full Paper Submission Deadline has been extended to November 30, 2008

The Military Modeling and Simulation Symposium is a series of annual spring gatherings devoted to the full breadth of modeling and simulation in the military domain. In addition to providing a venue for publication and presentation of peer-reviewed papers, the symposium is a place for networking, discussions, and exchange of information with military modelers and simulationists from around the world. To that end, the symposium welcomes papers on any aspect of modeling and simulation related to the military, especially in any of the following areas:

  •  Simulation Support to Operations
    • Battlefield Visualization
    • Course of Action Analysis
    • Mission Rehearsal
    • In-Theater Training
    • Electronic performance support systems
  •  Operations and Command and Control
    • Battle field / battle theater simulation
    • Simulation during operations
    • C4I simulation
    • Counterforce operations
    • Airspace management
  •  Training, Exercises, and Military Operations
    • Simulations in training
    • Simulation / exercise integration
    • Mission Planning & Rehearsal
    • Embedded training
    • Assessment
  •  Serious Games
    • Games in training
    • Game AI for military M&S
    • Leveraging game development experience
    • Computer generated forces
    • Game-based simulation technology
  •  Domains (Land, Sea, Air)
    • Synthetic environments / virtual realities
    • Surface and subsurface warfare
    • Avionics, flight control, flight simulation
    • Unmanned vehicles
  •  Synthetic Environment Development
    • Tools
    • Processes
    • Computer generated forces
    • Agent-based combat modeling
  •  Physical Modeling and Effects
    • Lethality, vulnerability survivability
    • Impact and penetration modeling
    • Computational fluid and molecular dynamics
    • Structural and solid mechanics modeling
    • Ballistics & propellant simulation
  •  Advanced Concepts and Requirements
    • Simulation and Experimentation of new concepts
    • Requirements development
    • Predicted impacts of technology integration
    • Intelligent systems simulation
  •  Research, Development, and Acquisition
    • Design, development, and acquisition for new weapons systems and equipment
    • Simulation and modeling for acquisition, requirements, and training (SMART)
    • Simulation-based acquisition

How to participate

Paper Sessions

  •  Technical Articles present significant results in research, practice, or education, and will be selected based on originality of the work and contribution to the field or body of knowledge of military modeling and simulation.

  •  Experience Reports present timely information on the application of modeling and simulation in the military domain, and will be selected based on the interest of the experience presented to the military modeling and simulation community.

Topical Sessions

  •  Workshops provide a session for military modeling and simulation professionals to explore issues, challenges, new developments, and other areas of interest.

  •  Panel sessions allow a group of experts to address a particular topic and exchange views between themselves and the audience.

  •  Tutorials allow experts in particular areas of military modeling and simulation to share their expertise with their colleagues.

Key Dates

Abstracts due 25 Oct 2008    Authors who would like to know if a particular topic would be of interest to the symposium can submit an extended (1-2 page) abstract directly to the chair by this deadline.  An abstract will not be considered a submission, just a means for providing initial feedback.
Full Paper Submission due 30 Nov 2008
   Technical articles and experience reports, properly formatted in accordance with these guidelines, must be anonymized (author and institution information removed) as part of the blind peer-review process.  Submission will be handled online by the SCS Conference Proceedings Management System, which will associate the author info with the paper, but hide it from the reviewers.
Topical Session proposals due 30 Nov 2008
  •  Topical session proposals should be e-mailed directly to the chair by this deadline.
    Workshop proposals should state the issue to be addressed, identify the coordinator(s), and provide a description of who (in general terms) might be interested in the workshop.
  •  Panel proposals should identify the topic, the panel chair, and actual or potential panelists.
  •  Tutorial proposals should identify the topic, the name and qualifications of the instructor, an outline of the material, and the expected level of experience of the participants.
Notification 15 Dec 2008    The program committee will review the papers and determine which ones will be accepted.  Notification for topical session proposals will also be made by this date.
Final Paper due 30 Jan 2009    The final version of accepted papers, incorporating changes based on reviewer comments, are due by this date.

MMS'09 Chairs

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