July 31 - August 2, 2006

The Coast Plaza Hotel and Conference Center
Calgary, Canada

General Chair

Agostino G. Bruzzone

MISS-DIP University of Genoa

Program Chair
Edward Williams

Steve Branch


Student Papers
Peter Kropf

University of Montreal

Gabriel Wainer
Carleton University

Steering Committee Chair
Mohammad S. Obaidat
Monmouth University


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The Society for Modeling and Simulation International
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Call For Papers

2006 Summer Computer Simulation Conference (SCSC'06)

Note: the Full Paper Submission deadline has been extended to March 31, 2006.

The Summer Computer Simulation Conference is focusing on Innovative Technologies for Simulation this year. Modeling and Simulation is a very critical area for supporting Research and Development as well as competitiveness worldwide; new technologies are enabling new use of M&S and increasing its impact in new areas; SCSC provides an International Forum for presenting the State of the Art in the International Simulation Community as well as the Effectiveness of Simulation Experiences in World Businesses. Several topical perspectives will serve to illuminate the evolution of the modeling and simulation community. All submissions will be reviewed based on the draft full paper and/or extended abstract.

The SCSC2006 Student Workshop, devoted to PhD Students, Master Students and Undergraduates willing to submit a paper to be presented during SCSC2006, enables students to attend the workshop and get a SCSC2006 CD copy including the whole Conference Proceedings with a very special registration fee ($55 USD, Student ID and Professor Check Required). The Student Workshop speakers will compete for the Best SCSC2006 Student Paper Award (in SCSC2003 Montreal, SCSC2004 San Jose' and SCSC2005 Philadelphia included cheques for 1,000USD and over for each winner provided by The AEgis Technologies, AIMS, DIP Consortium). All the accepted student papers will be included in SCSC2006 CD-Proceedings, but are kept separate from SCSC2006 hardcopy proceedings, while regular papers are included both in SCSC2006 hardcopy and CD Proceedings.

The Conference Committee will choose also the best SCSC2006 papers for awards; these awards will include consideration of those papers for possible publication in a special issue of an International Journal.

The list of topics includes (but is not limited to):

M&S Technologies
Web-based Architectures & Implementation
Distributed Interactive Simulation 
Experimental Design 
Experiential Digital Media 
Fuzzy Logic
High Level Architecture 
Human Behavior Representation Techniques 
Human Factors 
Modeling and Simulation Languages 
Modeling and Simulation System Architecture 
Parallel and Distributed Modeling and Simulation 
Real Time Systems M&S Technology 
Simulation Life-Cycle Evolution 
Simulation Software Engineering 
System Dynamics Representation 
Virtual Reality 
Virtual Environments 
Visualization, Graphics and Animation 
Web-based Architectures and Implementation



Industry & Business Practices
Collaboration Environments 
Simulation-based Acquisition 
Economics of Modeling & Simulation 
Education of the Modeling & Simulation Professional 
Future of Modeling & Simulation 
Information Systems 
Infrastructure Planning & Design 
Influences of Communications & Media 
Management Science 
Process Engineering 
Verification, Validation, & Accreditation
M&S Applications
Adaptive Systems
Agent Directed Simulation 
Artificial Life 
Artificial Neural Networks 
Business Intelligence 
Data Fusion 
Knowledge Management 
Knowledge Based Expert Systems 
New Product Development 
Complexity, Complex Systems 
Ecological and Environmental Systems 
Electro-Mechanical Systems 
Geophysical Systems 
Marine Applications 
Materials Modeling and Simulation 
Military Systems 
Queueing Systems 
Robotics and Autonomous Systems 
Synthetic Environment Representation 
System Dynamics 
Training Simulators 
Transportation and Traffic 

Tracks & Workshops

Agent-Directed Simulation
Management, Planning and Forecasting
Business and Industry
Homeland Security M&S
Lean Simulation
Life and Environment
Maritime Simulation
M&S Methodology and Tools
On-line Simulation
Optimization of Logistic Systems
Production and Manufacturing
Science and Technology
Standards Workshop
Stochastic Processes
Student Workshop
Transportation Workshop
VR, Visualization, and Simulation


The organizing committee is seeking high quality tutorials in the areas related to one or more of the conference themes listed above.

Tutorial Proposal Submission

The proposal must contain:

Title of the tutorial
Name and affiliation of the presenter(s)
A brief biography of the presenter(s) with evidence for research and teaching experience
A short description of the tutorial (1-2 paragraphs)
List of Topics
Motivation (relevance to the conference themes)
Target audience
Duration (half-day minimum)

Note: all full day proposals will be treated as two separate ½ day tutorials and need to be structured into two clearly separate parts.

Proposal submissions should be e-mailed to either the Program Chair or the General Chair.

Paper Submission

Extended abstracts (4-6 pages), full draft papers or other proposals should be submitted for the review process as a PDF file to the SCS Conference Proceedings Management System site by February 28, 2006. Each extended abstract must include the title, authors, affiliations, addresses, references and summary (4-6 pages) for proper positioning in the conference. Only original papers, written in English, which have not been published previously elsewhere will be accepted. Please indicate which conference topic is most appropriate, listing first and second choices. Notifications of acceptance status will be sent on May 2, 2006.

Please note that in case of acceptance  your final manuscript will need to be submitted electronically as a PDF file to the SCS Conference Proceedings Management System site by March 15, 2006 to guarantee inclusion in the conference CD and final program. Authors of accepted papers are expected to attend the conference, present their work to their peers, transfer copyright, and pay a conference registration fee at the time their camera-ready paper is submitted.

Key Dates

Submission of Full Papers    March 31, 2006
Notification of Acceptance May 15, 2006
Final Camera-Ready Submission Due May 31, 2006

Invited Speaker(s)

Toward Moving Off the Planet, Priscilla Elfrey, NASA, USA

Tracks & Workshops

Agent Directed Simulation
Chairs: T. Ören, MISS - Ottawa Center, ON Canada; L. Yilmaz, Auburn University, USA
Applications in Management, Planning & Forecasting
Chairs: M. Massei, Liophant Simulation; P. Broas, VTT, Finland
Bioinformatic / Biology
Chair: I. Barjis, New York City College of Technology, USA
Business & Industry
Chairs: M. Brandolini, BRB Studio, Italy; P. Elfrey, NASA, USA
Chairs: A. Javor, Budapest Univ. of Technology and Economics, Hungary
Emergency Simulation
Chair: Francesco Longo, UNICAL
Games & Simulation
Chair: J.Brewster, LTU, USA
M&S for Defence and Training
Chairs: R. Lutz, J.Hopkins University, USA; J. Uzdzinski, Lockheed Martin, USA
M&S in Mechatronics
Chair: Aziz Naamane, LSIS, France
Lean Simulation Workshop
Chair: S. Saetta, University of Perugia, Italy
Logistics & Transportation Systems
Chair: P. Broas, VTT, Finland
Maritime Simulation
Chairs: T. Altiok, Rutgers University, USA; A. Haghani, University of Maryland, USA
Modeling Techniques & Methodology
Chair: Y. Merkuriev, Riga TU, Latvia
M&S for Information Assurance and Telecommunication Security
Chairs: R.K. Guha, UCF, USA; M. Al-Akaidi, MISS De Montfort University, UK
Military Application & Simulation
Chair: Dr. Drew Hamilton, Auburn University, USA
On-Line Simulation Workshop
Chairs: C. Frydman, LSIS, France; S. Viazzo, DIP, Italy
Optimization of Logistic Systems Through Simulation
Chairs: A. Guash, University Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain; M.A. Piera, University Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain
Production & Manufacturing
Chair: E. Williams, University of Michigan, USA
Science & Technology

Chairs: R. McGraw, RAM, CA USA

Simulation Tools and Packages

Chair: R. Revetria, CIELI, Italy

Standards Workshop
Chair: P. Gravitz, Aegis, USA
Student Workshop
Chairs: P. Kropf, University of Montreal, Canada; G. Wainer, Carleton University, USA
Verification Validation & Accreditation
Chair: S. Youngblood, DMSO, USA
Virtual Reality, Visualization and Simulation
Chairs: A. Zini, Cetena Fincantieri, Italy; C.L.N. dos Santos, UFRJ/COPPE/PEC/LAMCE, Brasil
Workshop on Homeland Security
Chair: Joe Rosen, Darthmout, USA
Workshop in M&S Workforce Development
Chair: William V Tucker, Boeings Phantom Works, USA

International Program Committee

T. Altiok, Rutgers University, USA
V. Amico, UCF, USA
I. Barjis, The New York City College of Technology, USA
F. Barros, University of Coimbra, Portugal
G. Benvenuto, DINAV, Italy
J.Brewster, LTU, USA
M. Brandolini, BRB Studio, Italy
C .Briano, Liophant Simulation Club, Italy
P. Broas, VTT, Finland
A.G. Bruzzone, MISS Genoa Italy
J. Couretas, Lockheed Martin, USA
G. Cunha, LAMCE UFRJ, Brazil
C.L.N. dos Santos, UFRJ/COPPE/PEC Brazil
A. El Hami, INSA Rouen, France
A. El Moudni, UTBM, France
P. Elfrey, NASA, USA
A. Elkamel, Waterloo University, Canada
C. Frydman, COSI Marseille, France
N. Giambiasi, LSIS, France
P. Gravitz, Aegis, USA
A. Guasch, University Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain
R.K. Guha, UCF USA
A. Haghani, University of Maryland, USA
Drew Hamilton, Auburn University, USA
R. Huntsinger, MISS UC Chico, USA
M. Itmi, PSI-MISS, INSA Rouen, France
A. Javor, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
P. Kropf, IIUN UNINE, Switzerland
F. Longo, Arcavacata University, Italy
R.F. Lu, Boeing, USA
R. Lutz, J.Hopkins University, USA
M. Massei, MISS Perugia
R. McGraw, RAM, CA USA
Y. Merkuryev, Riga TU, Latvia
M. Mollaghasemi, UCF, USA
R. Mosca, DIP, Italy
A. Naamane, LSIS, France
T. Ören, MISS Ottawa Center, ON Canada
M.A. Piera, University Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain
H. Pranevicius, Kaunas University, Lithuania
E. Radwan, UCF, FL USA
C. Roberts, Arizona State University, USA
J. Rosen, Dartmouth College, USA
H. Sarjoughian, ASU, USA
S. Saetta, University of Perugia, Italy
B. Schroer, University of Alabama USA
R. Signorile, Boston College, USA
R. Strini, EBS, USA
S. Swenson, Ocean State Technology Corp., USA
H. Szczerbicka, Unviersity of Hannover, German
W.V Tucker, Boeings, USA
H. Unger, University of Rostock, Germany
J. Uzdzinski, Lockheed Martin, USA
G. Wainer, Carleton University, Canada
J. Wallace, Envoy Technologies, CA USA
F. Wieland, MITRE, USA
E. Williams, University of Michigan, USA
L. Yilmaz, Auburn University, USA
S. Youngblood, DMSO, USA
M. Zarrillo, University of Massachussets, USA
A. Zini, Cetena Fincantieri, Italy

A PDF version of this Call for Papers is available here.

Sponsored by The Society for Modeling and Simulation International
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