Education and Workforce Development is a core strategic emphasis of SCS, the world’s oldest international simulation society

Vice-President of Education: Helena Sczcerbicka

Development Committee

Strategic Goal: Lead the community transforming M&S community into a recognized discipline and profession.

Current Activities:

  • Enhance & Formalize M&S Body of Knowledge
    Actively support M&S professional Certificate Program
  • Develop and Enhance Simulation-Course-Share, a portal by which M&S educators can exchange curricula
  • Develop Modeling and Simulation Curriculum Model
  • Actively support Student and Technical chapters through the Distinguished Lecturer Program and other activities


Education and Workforce Development Committee

The Education and Workforce Development Committee goal is to lead the community in transforming M&S into a recognized discipline and profession.
Chair: Helena Sczcerbicka

  • A. Tolk
  • J. Sokolowski, ODU
  • W. Tucker, Simultionist.US Inc
  • R. Crosbie, CSU Chico
  • A. Bruzzone, University of Genova
  • P. Kropf, University of Neuchatel
  • H. Vakilzadian, University of Nebraska
  • M. Obaidat, Fordham University
  • F. Longo, University of Calabria
  • M. Itmi, INSA-Rouen
  • JL. Sevillano, University of Sevilla
  • T.Oren, University of Ottawa
  • Mamadou Seck, University of Delft
  • S. Strassburger, TU Ilmenau
  • F. Breitenecker, TU Wien
  • M. Kolsch, NPS
  • B. Goldiez, UCF



M&S Body Of Knowledge

2010 Education Workshop Results

  • Modeling and Simulation Education at UCF
  • Revisiting M&S as a Discipline: Education at AS
  • M&SE Curriculum Sheets
  • Completing the Circle: Establishing an Undergrad to Grad M&S Curriculum
  • Towards Making Modeling & Simulation into a Discipline
  • Workflow process - develop criteria, qualification, responsibilities and requirements