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If youíre reading this you qualify as a loyal SCS member because this is the first issue of the M&S Magazine as a restricted SCS membership benefit. But on the other hand, you may be reading this by looking over the shoulder of a loyal member. In that case I would urge you to also become an SCS member so that you too can enjoy all the benefits of membership which, naturally, include access to future issues of the M&S Magazine.

And speaking of member benefits, itís been suggested that I use this column to urge readers (SCS members) to express an opinion about the benefits they receive as members and to offer suggestions about what might be possibilities for additional benefits for the member-ship. The Society exists, after all, to ser-vice the M&S community in useful ways and there surely are options in this regard that are possibly being overlooked. So please feel free to express an opinion via the Letters to the Editor column. [...]











Editorial Page

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