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Established in 1952, The Society for Modeling & Simulation International (SCS) is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven corporation (dba Simulation Councils, Inc.) managed by a Board of Directors & a President's Council.   SCS is the only technical Society dedicated to advancing the use of modeling & simulation to solve real-world problems.  SCS is the principal technical society devoted to the advancement of simulation and allied computer arts in all fields. The purpose of SCS is to facilitate communication among professionals in the field of simulation. To this end, SCS organizes meetings of regional councils, sponsors and co-sponsors national and international conferences, and publishes different journals and an official newsletter in the field of Modeling & Simulation.

Welcome to the First issue of the SCS M&S Newsletter

Message from SCS President

Dear SCS Members:

As your new President, it gives me a great pleasure to communicate with you and update you on what is happening in our society.

 I am happy to inform you that we are re-invigorating the SCS News Letter after it ceased to exist for the past several years. Our new VP Publication and the appointed Editors and Editorial Board of the SCS News Letter have worked very hard to make this a reality. We want to make sure that we have proper and up to date communication with our membership on a regular manner.  After all without you, the society would not have existed. […]


VP Membership Message

Dear SCS members,

As the new VP Membership, I would like to briefly share with you my views and plans for the near future. First, I would like to announce that we have a new functional membership database, which will be a very useful tool to improve services offered to members. This new membership system will allow editing your profile, selecting Areas of Interest, etc., and it will be made available shortly. A new web site is also being prepared that will improve the quality of the information provided to members and also the way we communicate with you. […]

Message from the Editors in Chief

Francesco Longo (Editor-in-Chief)

Mhamed Itmi (Associate Editor-in-Chief)

Tuncer Ören (Associate Editor-in-Chief)


“39 representatives of 13 organization met at the Colonial House in Oxnard Friday Evening, 7 November  1952, to discuss the formation of an association for simulation.

[….] A five point proposal, which had been distributed for criticism, was then considered. [….]. Point three, which suggested that the unclassified proceedings of this group be published in the form of Newsletter. […] John McLeod [….] stated that he would pay the postage and other expenses necessary to produce and distribute the first three issues of the Newsletter to see if this method of disseminating simulation information has sufficient merit to warrant its continuation”.


Dear Simulationists,

Exactly 57 years later (November 2009) the first issue of the new SCS M&S Newsletter is again on publication schedule. After 57 years we still believe in the words stated by John McLeod. Therefore on behalf of the newly born Editorial Board we are glad to welcome you to the new SCS M&S Newsletter. With this issue (Issue 1, November 2009), after many years, the Newsletter is again one of the most important publications of the Society for Modeling & Simulation International (SCS). […]




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