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DEVS Standardization Group

The DEVS Standardization group is an international team trying to develop standards for a computer processable representation of the DEVS formalism. The committee will discuss standardization to supports common understanding, sharing and interoperability of DEVS implementations [...]


SISO (Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization) Standards

The Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO) originated eighteen years ago with a small conference held April 26 and 27, 1989, called, "Interactive Networked Simulation for Training". The original conference attracted approximately 60 people. The group was concerned that there was activity occurring in networked simulation, but that it was occurring in isolation. The group believed that if there were a means to exchange information between companies and groups that the technology would advance more rapidly. The group also believed that once the technology begins to stabilize then there would also be a need for standardization. The technology and the consensus of the community would be captured in the standards as networking or simulation technology matured [...]


World Simulation Database. Maintained by Bristol Medical Simulation Center (BMSC)

The World Simulation Center Database, which is hosted by the Bristol Medical Simulation Centre, is a useful support tool to keep track of the existing medical simulation centers all over the world.   Simulation centers in each of the five continent are indexed and bookmarked alphabetically [...]






US Congressional Modeling and Simulation Caucus

The 4th Annual Modeling and Simulation Leadership Summit, hosted by the National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA) and in cooperation with the Congressional Modeling and

Simulation Caucus, was held in Norfolk, Virginia on Monday, February 2, 2009.   The M&S Leadership Summit brought together key leaders from government, industry, and academia to advise policy makers on issues related to the M&S industry.  The annual summit provides key players within the M&S industry the opportunity to engage in a rare dialogue to facilitate the expansion of the M&S technology and business practices, and to develop M&S policy goals at the federal, state, and local level [...]


Past issue of the US Congressional M&S Caucus Newsletter

The past Issues of the Modeling and Simulation Newsletter of the US Congressional Modeling & Simulation Caucus are available on line, click here to access the website.


Future Tech: The 3-D Simulation that Lets Your Surgeon Practice...on You

You wouldn’t fly on a commercial jet plane unless you were confident that the pilot had logged some serious time in a flight simulator, preparing for every eventuality. Someday it may be just as inconceivable to undergo delicate surgery without assurances that your doctor has taken a few practice runs on a three-dimensional, interactive simulation of your own anatomy [...]




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News and Development in M&S

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