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PhD final thesis at LITIS, University of Le Havre (France)

September 28, 2009: PhD Defense at Research Laboratory: LITIS EA4108, University of Le Havre, France.

PhD Candidate: Fahem Kebair (

PhD Thesis Title: Multiagent Modeling of Command Posts Coordinators for Strategic Decision-Making: Application on the RoboCupRescue Simulation System […]


PhD final thesis at LITIS, INSA of Rouen (France)

September 16, 2009: PhD Defense at Research Laboratory: LITIS EA4108, INSA of Rouen, France.

PhD Candidate: Georges Challita (

PhD Thesis Title: Contribution of communicant vehicles positioning using GPS receivers and Vision Systems […]


PhD final thesis at MSC-LES (MSNet center), University of Calabria, Italy

November 16, 2009: PhD Defense at MSC-LES (MSNet center), University of Calabria, Italy.

PhD Candidate: Duilio Curcio (

PhD Thesis Title: Inventory and Warehouse Management in Production Systems and Supply Chain based on advanced Modeling & Simulation […]


PhD final thesis at LITIS, INSA of Rouen (France)

November 19, 2009: PhD Defense at Research Laboratory: LITIS EA4108, INSA of Rouen, France.

PhD Candidate: Mariam Tanana ( )

PhD Thesis Title: Formative evaluation of the learners’ know-how using classification algorithms  application to the digital electronics […]


LSCM Project from MISS-Genoa and SimulationTeam

This project aims at the development of a Master joint program in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM), with the responsibility to enhance the employability of the graduated students: specific and transversal learning outcomes should be defined for their better acceptance in the LSCM labor market. The LSCM master is intended to define a suitable academic answer to an identified need of well-educated professionals in a crucial sector for European economy. The new envisaged program has as the main goal the education of professionals able to take decisions in LSCM considering the operational, tactical and strategic aspects in Logistics and Supply Chain management from an integrated perspective by covering the technological, engineering and business related subjects [...]


SCS Student Chapters

At the Society for Modeling and Simulation International (SCS) we perceive current students of Modeling and Simulation (M&S) as our future colleagues. Accordingly, we encourage involvement of students at the activities of the SCS through Student Memberships and/or through Student Chapters.

Student Chapters operate under Section 12 of the Policies and Procedures (P&P)  of the version approved on 2009-03-22, by the Board of Directors of SCS [...]


California State University, Sacramento Student Chapter of the SCS (SCS-SAC)

The new website of the Sacramento Student Chapter of the SCS, University of California (USA), is now available on line at

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News from SCS Networks

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Nota esplicativa

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SEAPORTS: Security Advances in marine PORTS operations

SEAPORTS is a project jointly developed by MSC-LES (Modeling and Simulation Center—Laboratory of Enterprise Solutions, MSNet center at University of Calabria, Italy) MISS-Genoa (MISS center at University of Genoa, Italy). SEAPORTS proposes an advanced approach based on Modeling & Simulation for investigating security problems within marine ports environment in order to redesign of the most critical security procedures and infrastructures [read more].

Recently on the basis of SEAPORTS project a new research cooperation is started between MSC-LES, MISS-Genoa and VMASC (Virginia Modeling & Simulation Center, M&SNet center, USA).


Master of Engineering in M&S at IRA A. Fulton School of Engineering, Arizona State University (ASU)

The Master of Engineering degree program offers an area of study in Modeling & Simulation at ASU (Arizona State University). This track offers specialized courses founded on the fundamentals and principles of simulation modeling and software engineering. The applications of modeling and simulation (M&S) incorporate state-of-the-art engineering advances with a focus on systems of the future. The main academic emphasis includes defense applications, large-scale computer and supply chain networks, software factory, and intelligent systems. Students will learn about key technical barriers faced by government organizations - e.g., those set to institutionalize M&S such as DMSO (Defense Modeling and Simulation Organization), - and others in developing increasingly complex decision-making systems. In addition, students will become skilled in M&S science, enabling them to engineer novel solutions for multifaceted problems that the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security, commercial industries, and private and non-profit agencies must contend with.[...]


Call for Projects in Europe

FP7: Seventh Framework Program, latest Information on Calls

To initiate international partnerships in relation with business clusters


Call for Projects in France

NSF-ANR (US-France).  To proceed for a common support: or click here.


PUF: Partner University Fund (US-France). Grants to support research and graduate education partnerships between French and American Universities. Deadline to participate: December 15, 2009;


YEI: Young Entrepreneurs Initiative (US-France). To start a technology venture between the US and France click here


ANR: Agence Nationale pour la Recherche (National French Research Agency). Call for M&S projects (COSINUS Program) Deadline: February 22, 2010


Meeting: Funded ANR Projects Conference (750 IT projects concerned):