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SimSummit: A roundtable on the Future of the Modeling and Simulation Profession, Industry, and marketplace 

Modeling and Simulation technology is coherent and comprehensive as a discipline, ubiquitous in its presence in widely disparate application domains, and powerful in its influence for a wide variety of uses. At the same time, modeling and simulation is not generally recognized as a profession, industry, or economic market segment.

Deliberate and self-conscious investment in cultivating the M&S community-of-practice is considered necessary and desirable in order to facilitate the emergence of M&S as a profession, industry, and market predicated on M&S technology in all its disparate manifestations. SimSummit is an occasional forum - kept relatively informal by mutual agreement - of organizations with broad interest in M&S technology, professional development, industry and market. To read more about SimSummit Organization, Topical Agenda, Program, Participation and Information click here.


House Resolution 487, Recognizing Modeling & Simulation as a National Critical Technology

Recognizing the contribution of modeling and simulation (M&S) technology to the security and prosperity of the United States, and recognizing modeling and simulation as a National Critical Technology. For additional information please click on the following links:

Summary of House Resolution 487

House Resolution 487, (2007 July 16)

US Congressional Modeling and Simulation



NTSA National Modeling & Simulation Action Plan (Detailed Plan for 2010 Leadership Summit)

NTSA will conduct the fifth annual M&S Leadership Summit event on behalf of the M&S Caucus of the U.S. House of Representatives in Tidewater, VA  on  1 February 2010. 

The proceedings for last year’s meeting are available here.

The theme of this year’s event is ”Realizing the Promise of HR-487 - A Call to Action”.  The intention of this year’s meeting is the publication of nothing less than a DRAFT ‘campaign plan’ to facilitate cooperation of all stakeholders in realizing the promise of the House Resolution declaring modeling and simulation a national critical technology. 

In order for this meeting’s aggressive intention to be realized, it is imperative that attendee-participants be informed and committed to making progress in topical areas such as:

· TECHNOLOGY –Research Agenda, Body of Knowledge Index

· WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT –M&S Professional Certification, STEM

· ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONS – Organizational collaboration, New administrative instruments

· BUSINESS PRACTICE – NAICS Codes, M&S Value proposition

Click here to see the detailed plan for 2010 Leadership Summit.







Modeling & Simulation in China

 In China, modeling and simulation technology has been widely studied and applied, the research contents involve simulation and modeling theory and method, simulation language, simulation supporting environment, simulation software, verification, validation and accreditation (VV&A), large-scale and complex system simulation, virtual design and manufacturing, virtual prototype, distributed and networked simulation system, grid simulation system, and cloud simulation platform [...]


Best Paper Awards for Prof. Mohammad S. Obaidat at the IEEE GLOBECOM 2009 

Prof. Mohammad S. Obaidat, the President of SCS, won the IEEE GLOBECOM 2009 best paper award for his paper entitled: Cross-Layer Based Data Management in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks that has been accepted an presented at the IEEE GLOBCOM 2009 conference, Honolulu, Hawaii, November 30 through December 4, 2009 that has been coauthored in addition to Mohammad S. Obaidat by Mieso K. Denko, Jun Tian, and Thabo K. R. Nkwe.


This is one of 14 best papers that received the awards out of about 3,600 submitted papers and 1204 accepted papers in the IEEE GLOBECOM 2009. These papers were selected through a rigorous process involving symposium co-chairs, Technical program committee and reviewers recommendations, as well as the best paper selection committee of the overall conference.

















IEEE GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS CONFERENCE known as GLOBCOM is the Premier and most prestigious worldwide IEEE International Conference on Communications for Academics, Industry Professionals and Academics from Companies, Governmental Agencies, and Universities around the World; For more info, click here or visit the conference website.


Gaming to Fight Cancer—Simulation Applications

CSIRO is using the latest in computer gaming technology to help reduce the incidence of one of the most common cancers in Australia – bowel cancer.

According to CSIRO Preventative Health Flagship scientist, Dr Trevor Lockett, on average 90 Australians die from colon cancer each week.

"As such, early diagnosis has become a national health priority," Dr Lockett said. He said timely and effective colonoscopy follow-up for National Bowel Cancer Screening Program subjects who test positive for blood in the stool is critical to helping this national initiative save lives….

"CSIRO's solution – a colonoscopy simulator – enables trainee surgeons to interact with accurate computer-based simulations of the human colon." [...]



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