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Presentation of the University of Seville Student Chapter of the SCS

The University of Seville Student Chapter of the Society for Modeling and Simulation International, SCS-US-SC, arises as a student organization whose members are highly interested on modeling and computer simulation, its underlying theory, tools and practical applications in academic and research fields. This organization seeks to promote and boost their members' current works and research in this field as well as a way to join and coordinate their efforts.

The SCS-US-SC started as an organization promoted by both the Department of Computer Technology and Architecture and the Department of Electronic Technology, which provide teaching in Computer Science and Engineering and other technical studies in the University of Seville. In recent times [...]












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PhD final thesis at University of Seville (Spain)

December 14, 2009: PhD Defense at Condensed Matter Physics and Computer Architecture Departments, University of Seville, Spain.

PhD Candidate: Jose Luis Guisado ( (

PhD Thesis Title: Modeling and Simulation of laser dynamics with cellular automata on parallel and distributed computers [...]


MISS Genoa and Simulation Team: new M&S solutions in Maritime environment

MISS Genoa and Simulation Team new simulation solutions for operators training, procedures definition, equipment design and virtual prototyping in maritime environment. Simulation solutions proposed by Simulation Team are fully containerized real time distributed HLA simulators reproducing port operations (integrated in a 40 high cube container). The simulators allows to operate in a virtual world by an immersive cave (270 horizontal, 130 vertical) reproducing sounds, vibrations and Motion [...]

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