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Established in 1952, The Society for Modeling & Simulation International (SCS) is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven corporation (dba Simulation Councils, Inc.) managed by a Board of Directors & a President's Council.   SCS is the only technical Society dedicated to advancing the use of modeling & simulation to solve real-world problems.  SCS is the principal technical society devoted to the advancement of simulation and allied computer arts in all fields. The purpose of SCS is to facilitate communication among professionals in the field of simulation. To this end, SCS organizes meetings of regional councils, sponsors and co-sponsors national and international conferences, and publishes different journals and an official newsletter in the field of Modeling & Simulation.

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SCS Newsletter History (Second issue, February 1953)

Yes we’ve got  ourselves a “project”  . Originally organized only to try to improve the channels of communication, the Simulation Council has apparently got itself involved with the language of communication. As you may know, we had a meeting on analog multiplication at the North American Aviation Downey Plant on February 18th. No sooner had we really gotten into the subject and tried to make a comparison of available equipment than it became evident that “we didn’t know what we were talking about“ [...]





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