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A new Library Collection in Turkey

Prof. Tuncer ÷ren donated in 2008, about 1000 books on M&S, System Theories, and Artificial Intelligence to the Middle East Technical University (METU) (Ankara, Turkey). The Library  of METU hosts about 700 of them. The collection includes a complete set of Simulation: The Transactions of the SCS. The remaining 300 books which were duplicates for the library are hosted at the MODSIMMER (Middle East Technical University Ė Turkish Armed Forces Modeling and Simulation Research and Development Center), the largest and most influential M&S Center of Excellence in Turkey.

Originally, Prof. ÷ren offered his collection to MODSIMMER. However, Dr. Veysi Isler, Director and Mr. Vedat Karaarslan, Vice-Director convinced him rather to donate the collection to the library of METU. He is grateful to them for their valuable recommendation and to Mr. Cevat GŁvenā Vice Director of the METU Library and Documentation Center for having processed the collection with an examplary effectiveness. One of the advantages of university collections is that through interlibrary loan mechanisms, the titles can be made available to any researcher.

Currently, METU's Library collection provides a rich research environment and offers over 2500 titles on simulation, over 2500 on modeling, about 300 on systems theories, and over 1200 on Artificial Intelligence.

In the future issues of SCS M&S Newsletter, references to other M&S collections will be given.


New mathematical model aids Big Bang supercomputer research

Scientists have made many discoveries about the origins of our 13 billion-year-old universe. But many scientific mysteries remain. What exactly happened during the Big Bang, when rapidly evolving physical processes set the stage for gases to form stars, planets and galaxies?

Now astrophysicists using supercomputers to simulate the Big Bang have a new mathematical tool to unravel those mysteries† [...]







Using supercomputers to explore nuclear energy

Ever wanted to see a nuclear reactor core in action? A new computer algorithm developed by researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory allows scientists to view nuclear fission in much finer detail than ever before. team of nuclear engineers and computer scientists at Argonne National Laboratory are developing the neutron transport code UNIC, which enables researchers for the first time to obtain a highly detailed description of a nuclear reactor core [...]


SIM TV: the Internet Television Network of the Simulation and Training Industry††††††††††††††††

The converging worlds of simulation and the Internet have created an exciting new reality for the simulation training industry. SIM TV, the Internet television network, showcases the full capabilities of modeling and simulation technology in dramatic, captivating Internet video. SIM TV gives you the edge you need to capture and engage a global audience.

Online video is the new tool for effective communication. Itís personal. Itís persuasive. Itís pervasive. It educates and connects in ways other educational mediums cannot. Thatís why the National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA) has created the industryís first Internet television network.

Visit the SIM TV website


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News and Development in M&S

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