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Auburn/Trident Industry-University Research Center

The Auburn M&SNet Lab and Trident Systems Incorporated have recently established a research center at Auburn University. The center that operates as a local branch office of Trident Systems Incorporated will be active in various Modeling and Simulation projects under the supervision and direction of Dr. Levent Yilmaz. The objective of the center is to facilitate bridging the gap between scientific knowledge generation and technology innovation through the transition of advanced simulation methodologies developed at the Auburn M&SNet Lab for use in challenging problems that engineers and decision-makers face in timely or even urgent policy formation as well as informed decision-making. The center has recently been awarded by a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the US Navy to develop automated techniques to assure interoperability and compatibility of large scale complex simulation software systems. Another focus area of the center is to advance the state of the art and practice of Agent-Directed Simulation to catalyze research in science of complexity, enabling the creation of large numbers of virtual system agents and set them to interact with each other in simulated worlds. Among the areas such solutions find immediate applications include long-term climate change, innovation dynamics, healthcare systems, disaster management, environmental protection, economic forecasting, energy security, the dynamics of conflicts, the design of financial regulatory systems, and the epidemiology of diseases.













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On going research Activities at MSC-LES: Modeling & Simulation for Industrial Workstation design

Ergonomic effective design of industrial workstations is one of the active research area at MSC-LES (MSNet Center at University of Calabria). One of the research project developed in this area was devoted to support the design of an assembly line for heaters production by using a Modeling & Simulation based approach. A 3D simulation environment is used for carrying out work measurement, time and ergonomic analysis.

The following videos show the 3D animation of human models performing assembly operations in four different workstations (during a simulation run). Please install the codec before opening the videos.

 Video Workstation 1

 Video Workstation 2

 Video Workstation 3

 Video Workstation 4

Further information in the following journal article

F. Longo, G. Mirabelli (2009). Effective design of an assembly line using modelling and simulation. Journal of Simulation, Vol. 3, pp 50-60, doi:10.1057/jos.2008.18


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