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MISS– University of Genoa and Simulation Team: Green Logistics Simulation

The ability to preserve, over the time, the main function of the environment as supplier of limited natural resources is a very important topic that has received increasing attention over the last decade. Environmental sustainability is one of the active research area at MISS DIPTEM (MISS Center at University of Genoa). One of the simulators developed in this area is GreenLog. GreenLog simulator is used for Analyzing Production, Logistics and Supply Chain and is a web based Simulation Engine devoted to Evaluate Costs and Environmental Impacts of Productive, Logistics and Transportation Elements of the Supply Chain. The simulator consists of specific modules that have been developed for focusing on specific aspects such as GreenLog Port, GreenLog Ship, GreenLog Crane and GreenLog Warehouse. Please click here for further information about the research project.


On going research Activities at MSC-LES: Modeling & Simulation for Industrial Workstation design

Ergonomic effective design of industrial workstations is one of the active research area at MSC-LES (MSNet Center at University of Calabria). One of the research project developed in this area aims at achieving the effective ergonomic design of the Assembly workstation belonging to a real industrial plant manufacturing high-pressure hydraulic hoses. The effective ergonomic design of the workstation was carried out by using an approach based on multiple design parameters, Design of Experiments (DOE), multiple performance measures. The proposed approach considers both the interaction of the operators with their working environment and the work methods. The workstation’s actual configuration is compared with several alternative scenarios by using a well-planned experimental design. As support tool for applying the approach Modeling & Simulation (M&S) and a virtual three-dimensional environment is used for recreating, with satisfactory accuracy, the evolution over the time of the real industrial plant.  Further information in the following journal article

A. Cimino, F. Longo, G. Mirabelli (2009). A multimeasure-based methodology for the ergonomic effective design of manufacturing system workstations. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, Vol. 39(2), pp 447-455.















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Best practices in the area of modeling and simulation (M&S) tool development.  (By Katherine L. Morse, PhD)

There are several existing process models that describe that activities and tasks necessary to build distributed simulation applications. Examples include the IEEE 1278.3 and IEEE 1516.3 standards that support the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) and High Level Architecture (HLA) communities respectively, along with the Test and Training Enabling Architecture (TENA) Concept of Operations. While these process models support different M&S communities, a common assumption that underlies all such process models is that there is a related but (in many ways) dissimilar process that developers use to build the standalone M&S applications that populate a distributed simulation environment. [...]



On going activities at the SCS Students Chapters

With the dedicated contributions of many SCS members, the SCS counts now five active Student Chapters and two additional student chapters are expected soon.

The Student Chapter of SCS at University of Seville (Spain) has been officially presented (at Universities of Seville Authorities and students). Daniel Cascado, as Academic Mentor, Juan Luis Font and Pablo Iñigo, as officers of the Student Chapter, and Jose Louis Sevillano gave a talk on the Student Chapter activities encouraging students to participate.

For a complete list of the SCS Student Chapters click here.

For information on potential benefit of SCS Student Chapters and to form a SCS Student Chapter, click here


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