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Nota esplicativa
Nota esplicativa


· When explaining something we should make things as simple as possible, but not simpler (Albert Einstein)

· All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them (Galileo Galilei)

· All men by nature desire to know. An indication of this is the delight we take in our senses; for even apart from their usefulness they are loved for themselves; and above all others the sense of sight. For not only with a view to action, but even when we are not going to do anything, we prefer sight to almost everything else. The reason is that this, most of all the senses, makes us know and brings to light many differences between things. (Aristotle)


Historical Newsletter of SCS: June 1953

Thank you Dr. Rogers! Your sponsoring the June meeting of the Simulation Council is much appreciated, and the inspection of the UCLA simulation and analog computation facilities was both interesting and informative.

D.J. Mancuso of Convair—San Diego, started the discussion at our June meeting by telling of their simulation studies involving a human pilot. One of the problem considered was the effect of control system “feel” on the handling characteristics of an airplane. This was investigated by having the pilot “fly” the simulator with first a high and then a low stick force, and recording the flight characteristics of the simulated plane.