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Annual DoD Modeling and Simulation Awards

Awards are presented annually to Department of Defense (DoD) teams or individuals for their outstanding achievements during the previous calendar year in the development or application of models and simulations within the Department. The DoD M&S Awards for Excellence highlight the impact of modeling and simulation upon the DoD by recognizing people and teams for their excellence and innovation in developing, improving or using M&S. Click here for further information


AEgis Technologies Awarded AFMSTT Contract

Huntsville, Alabama (May 4, 2010) – The AEgis Technologies Group Inc. was awarded a three year contract for the Air Force Modeling and Simulation Training Toolkit (AFMSTT) estimated by the Air Force to be worth $74 million. AFMSTT is a non-commercial, government-owned simulation system used to train the Join Force Command, Joint Force Air Component Commander, and their battle staff in multiple federation environments.

AFMSTT supports military organizations by providing the air war simulation for senior commanders and battle staffs for training in the execution of join and combined operations. AFMSTT consists of a group of software applications designed to provide a range of operational environments for mission training. The toolkit is built around the Air Force’s Air Warfare Simulation (AWSIM) model. [...]


AEgis Technologies Hosts Career Fair

Huntsville, Alabama (May 18, 2010) – AEgis Technologies was recently awarded a three year contract for the Air Force Modeling and Simulation Training Toolkit (AFMSTT) estimated by the Air Force to be worth $74 million. AEgis will be hosting a Career Fair at its Orlando office in order to find personnel to support this contract. AEgis is currently recruiting for the following positions: Exercise Support, Software Developer/Software Engineer, and Quality Assurance and Configuration Management. [...]


Crash simulator to educate young drivers in Humberside

Volunteers are invited to sit in a modified Vauxhall Astra, dubbed the iCar, to watch a film in which a driver and four passengers crash into a tree. The car is rigged with hydraulics to move in sync with the video. The project is the work of Safer Roads Humber, a partnership between police, councils and the Highways Agency. Humberside Fire and Rescue and HM Courts Service are also involved. [...]








ITEC 2010

ITEC is Europe's largest and most established Defence Training and Simulation Conference and Exhibition. ITEC is the only Conference and Exhibition outside the USA, dedicated to Defence Training, Education, and Simulation. ITEC 2010 has been held in London (May 18-20, 2010). The UK is second to the US in terms of defence training spending and is ideal to play host to Europe’s annual defence training, education and simulation event. For further information click here


The Coming Merging of Mind and Machine

Sometime early in this century the intelligence of machines will exceed that of humans. Within a quarter of a century, machines will exhibit the full range of human intellect, emotions and skills, ranging from musical and other creative aptitudes to physical movement. They will claim to have feelings and, unlike today’s virtual personalities, will be very convincing when they tell us so. By around 2020 a $1,000 computer will at least match the processing power of the human brain. By 2029 the software for intelligence will have been largely mastered, and the average personal computer will be equivalent to 1,000 brains. [...]


How firefighters train to save car accident victims

More than 3,500 people a year are killed on Britain's roads, far more than die in house fires, and cutting people out of crashed vehicles is now the biggest part of a modern firefighter's job.

To find out what is involved, the BBC's Nick Higham acted as a crash victim at a new training centre on Humberside where damaged and broken-down vehicles are used to simulate road accidents.

There he spoke to Nick Granger of Humberside Fire & Rescue and Russ Rucastle, whose company, BDV Recovery, hosts the new centre. [...]


Your iBrain: How Technology Changes the Way We Think

You’re on a plane packed with other businesspeople, reading your electronic version of the Wall Street Journal on your laptop while downloading files to your BlackBerry and organizing your PowerPoint presentation for your first meeting when you reach New York. You relish the perfect symmetry of your schedule, to-do lists and phone book as you notice a woman in the next row entering little written notes into her leather-bound daily planner. You remember having one of those ... What? Like a zillion years ago? Hey, lady! Wake up and smell the computer age. [...]




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