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The Annual Joint Meeting of the Board of Directors of the M&S Net and MISS

The Annual Joint Meeting of the Board of Directors of the M&S Net Centers and of the McLeod Institute of Simulation Sciences is scheduled in the framework of the 2010 SummerSim Conference in Ottawa, next July 11th.

We would like to invite you to attend this event and, if you are part of M&SNet or MISS to represent your Center.

Simultaneously we would like to invite the Directors of M&SNet and MISS to send their Annual Report in order to be included in the web. The reports should be sent to Prof. Agostino Bruzzone (Director of M&SNet) and/or to Prof. Mike McGinnis (Vice Director )and/or to Prof. Francesco Longo (supporting the web management and the M&S Net workshop organization as secretary). For further information please click here

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International Summer School “Francesco Turco”

The International Summer School F. Turco will be held next September 14-18, 2010, in the wonderful framework of Monopoli (Italy). Research and Education provide effective answer to many unsolved problems that limit a sustainable development of nowadays economies. In this concern, Industrial Engineering can play a strategic role. This is a major lesson learned from the past edition of the Summer School ‘F. Turco’. About 140 participants from 12 EU and extra-EU countries attended the past edition making it a stimulating opportunity to share knowledge in a friendship atmosphere.

The Summer School includes, among others, also a Special Session on Modelling & Simulation for Sustainable Development jointly organized by MSC-LES (M&SNet center at University of Calabria, Italy) and MISS-DIPTEM (University of Genoa, Italy). For further information about the school please click here.


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