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SimSummit Meeting at Summer Simulation Multiconference

A meeting of the SimSummit Roundtable was held on Tuesday, July 13, 2010 in Ottawa (Canada) in association with the Summer Simulation Multiconference event sponsored jointly by the Society of Modeling and Simulation International (SCS) and the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO). 

Several topics relating to the SimSummit agenda have been discussed:

· An after-action review of the proceedings, determinations and findings, and prospective actions pursuant the “U.S. M&S National M&S Enterprise Campaign” Stakeholder’s’ Meeting held recently in Washington DC;

· Establishment of NAICS and other Industrial Classification Codes for M&S in North America, Europe, and Asia; and

· Opportunities for systematic collaboration between ‘industry’ and ‘government’ on matters of M&S technology, workforce development, and business practice.

The report of the meeting will be soon available on the SimSummit website.


The CROSSROAD project

CROSSROAD is a EU funded project which aims to deliver a research roadmap on ICT for Governance and Policy Modelling. Lasting the whole year of 2010, CROSSROAD will create a shared vision to support policy research and research implementation in this field. The methodology consists of four phases: state-of-the-art in the domain, scenario building, gap analysis, and roadmapping. Up to now, visions have been described through scenarios, which detail governments and governance, society and economics, as well as the interaction based on modern information and communication technology in the years to come. In the current phase of the project, gaps of current RTD in the domain of ICT for Governance and Policy Modelling have been identified based on a comparative analyis of state-of-the-art results and visionary scenarios. The resulting list of gaps shall support the development of a research roadmap for the domain. This roadmap will be considered for the preparation of future Work Programmes of the European Commission in FP7.

Obviously one of the gaps that will be identified is the use of simulation and, particularly, agent-based simulation in policy modelling. This is why it might be useful for simulationists and, of course, for the CROSSROAD project to participate in an online survey in order to assess the gaps identified so far. Please use the following link to access the online questionnaire. The questionnaire will take about 15 minutes to be completed, depending on how precise and detailed you want to be in your answers. Further information on the CROSSROAD website.






Oil Could Reach Atlantic Coasts

For weeks there have been discussions about the potential for the spreading Gulf of Mexico oil slick to slip around Florida and flow up the East Coast. Now a suite of simulations, run by an international team of ocean and climate scientists, shows this is a likely outcome should the flow remain unabated this summer. The researchers stress there are caveats and uncertainties, most notably related to the state of the gulf’s  highly variable loop current in coming weeks. (The Department of Energy put out its own fact sheet stressing that  the simulations are highly uncertain.)

But nearly all of the simulations end up with oil flowing east and north. [...]


Modeling & Simulation Conference Comes to Hampton to Share Knowledge and Cutting-edge Technology

The Modeling and Simulation (MODSIM) World Conference & Expo 2010 is gearing up for its' fourth year and this conference is sure to bigger and better than ever before.

This fast-paced, multi-disciplinary and international conference is set for October 13-15, 2010 at the Hampton Roads Convention Center in Hampton, Virginia. With over 1,000 government, industry, and organizational decision makers, 40+ Exhibitors, 150 Speakers, and more this is a conference you want to be involved in.

Not only do we have fantastic speakers and exhibitors attending our event, but this year we are partnering with the USA Science and Engineering Festival to host a STEM Education day for both students and teachers. This hands on day will explain the benefits of modeling and simulation curriculum in the classroom and will inspire young minds to pursue careers in the ever evolving technology industry.

A multi-disciplinary approach to MODSIM World brings in an array of people with diverse interests and backgrounds. Tracks include seven compelling subject areas: Defense; Engineering & Science; Health & Medicine; Homeland Security & First Responders; The Human Dimension; K-20 Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Education; and Serious Games & Virtual Worlds.

Further information on the conference website


Avatar project seeks to help military amputees

A new project being funded through the Advanced Army Medical Technology. Initiative promises to bring some of that same technology to real-life wounded warriors to promote their rehabilitation and help to ease their reintegration into society. The Amputee Virtual Environment Support Space (AMVESS) project aims to create a virtual world in which military and veteran amputees can swap information and provide the peer support many lose when they leave military treatment facilities, explained Ashley Fisher, a program manager at the Army's Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center here. [...]

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