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M&SNet: New Website

The McLeod Modeling and Simulation Network (M&SNet) is a consortium of co-operating independent organizations active in professionalism, research, education, and knowledge dissemination in the modeling and simulation (M&S) domain. It was established in 2003 by the Society for Modeling and Simulation International (SCS). The M&SNet aims to provide an organizational structure that will serve to integrate and enrich, within its organizations, modeling and simulation activities throughout the world. The M&SNet provides a framework within which organizations interested in M&S can interact, share expertise, and work on problems of common interest. 

The M&SNet has now a new website located at The new website, based on  the information of the historical M&SNet website, will be soon enriched with additional information as well as updated annual reports of the member organizations.

“How to join” M&SNet information  (for those organization active in M&S and interested in joining M&SNet) can be found in the How to Join Section of the M&SNet website.


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Ongoing Research Activities at MSC-LES (M&SNet): Ports Operators Training by Virtual Simulation

The project, developed in cooperation between MSC-LESUniversity of Genoa, Simulation Team and MISS Genoa-Center propose an advanced simulator (HLA compliant) that recreates in a three-dimensional virtual environment the Gioia Tauro Container Terminal. The simulator includes four different federates (Straddle Carrier, Quay Crane, Reach stacker and Truck) and can be used to support marine workers training providing the sensation to be in a real container terminal environment.

The project propose a virtual 3D Simulator for training for marine workers. The simulator can be used for evaluating and improving trainees’ skills in using working equipment as well as to do an operation in a safe virtual environment. The marine port considered in this research project is the Gioia Tauro container terminal, located in South Italy, one of the bigger container terminals in Italy and the biggest transshipment  container terminal in the Mediterranean area. Click here for further information

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