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Nota esplicativa
Nota esplicativa

Message from the President of SCS (Prof. Mohammad Obaidat)

Dear SCS Members:

It is a great pleasure to communicate with you and update you on what is happening in SCS. Our administration has been working very hard since taking office in July 2009 and its hard work is being reflected in the many achievements and outstanding performance in all lines of services and activities. Our finance now is in excellent shape and it is the first time for the past many years that we do not have any debt; we even have now a sizeable surplus. The entire World is suffering economically; however, SCS is doing very well. This is due to the superb and diligent work of our volunteers, executive committee, conference organizers, journal editors, loyal SCS members, and dedicated SCS staff. Our income from conferences and publications has increased by 55.6% and 21.9% from last year, respectively. Despite the fact that in the 2009/2010 year’s budget we have several new expenses of about $50,000 that were spent to archive JDMS, hire a new SCS staff and provide good raise for the staff members, our finance is in excellent shape [...]