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Agent-Directed Simulation Meeting Series: A Growing Global Community

It has been more than five years since the 2005 Agent-Directed Simulation (ADS) Symposium was organized as part of the Spring Simulation Multiconference.

Since then an expanding dynamic community of researchers has coalesced around the theme of Agent-Directed Simulation to explore all three aspects of the synergy of simulation and agent technologies.

As a prelude to the 2005 ADS symposium, the first ADS event was organized by Dr. Tuncer Íren and Dr. Levent Yilmaz as a track of sessions within the 2004 Summer Computer Simulation Conference (SCSC). Since 2004, ADS sessions have been annually organized as part of the SummerSim event. This year we continued the tradition at Ottawa, Canada with multiple sessions held at the 2010 SCSC (click here for CFP).



The International Mediterranean and Latin American Modeling Multiconference (I3M)

The I3M is one of the major event in Modeling & Simulation in Europe and usually includes the European Modeling & Simulation Symposium (EMSS), the International Conference on Modeling & Applied Simulation (MAS), the International Conference on Harbor, Maritime and Multimodel Logistics Modeling & Simulation (HMS).

I3M renovates every year the opportunity to have an International Multiconference involving advanced and innovative topics related to Modeling & Simulation.



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Different MISS and M&SNet centers are involved in the organization of I3M. Among others the most important are MISS-Genoa, MISS-Spain, MISS-Latvia and MSNet-MSCLES.

I3M 2008 was successfully held in Italy (Campora S. Giovanni) selecting about 220 papers (the best papers were published in a double special issue of the International Journal of Simulation and Process Modeling. I3M 2009, held in Spain (Tenerife), repeated the success of 2008 edition with almost 200 selected papers.

This year I3M 2010 moves in Fes (Morocco) takes up the challenge to involve north African Countries and Emerging Countries as well. The organizers are looking forward to a great success also in 2010. I3M 2011 will move again in Italy and will be held in Rome (click here for further information).


Emergency Simulation

Over the last years emergency simulation has received growing attention (above all after 9/11) and several research works (including quantitative models, advanced methodologies and tools) have been developed and proposed. Since 2006, Emergency Simulation is one of the most important tracks/workshop of the Summer Computer Simulation Conference, SCSC, part of the International Simulation Multiconference, ISMC.

M&S has been extensively used for supporting both training and experimental analysis in emergency scenarios; topics of interest include, among others, disasters management and evacuation problems both on large and small scale. Since 2006 (and before with specific tracks on homeland security), the Emergency Simulation track/workshop collect interesting contributions and papers and providing an ideal framework for researchers and simulationists from all over the world working in this specific sector. Read more about Emergency Simulation on the SCS M&S Magazine by clicking here

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