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AEgis Awarded SNIM Contract

Huntsville, Alabama (September 20, 2010) - AEgis Technologies was awarded as a subcontractor on the recent Software, Networks, Information, Modeling, and Simulation (SNIM) Technical Area Tasks contract.  This award was made by 55 CONS at the Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska.

Nine prime contracting companies were awarded contracts against a $2B program ceiling to provide research, development, test and evaluation services, and advisory and assistance services related to research and development efforts.  Technical area tasks are within software, information technology networks, information assurance, information sharing, knowledge management, and modeling and simulation focus areas.

“AEgis is a provider of cutting-edge modeling and simulation solutions.  SNIM provides a vector for a broad spectrum of customers to acquire AEgis analysis and R&D solutions to satisfy their difficult IA, software, and modeling and simulation challenges.  This is a tremendous opportunity for AEgis and its customers,” Steve Swenson said, AEgis Director of Northeast Operations [...]


EFV Contract Award with Carley Corporation

Orlando, Florida (September 16, 2010) - The AEgis Technologies Group is part of Carley Corporation’s winning team for the $35M Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) training systems development contract.  The focus of the contract is to produce the training system for Marine Corps EFV accession training, training fleet and reserve forces.  AEgis, as a subcontractor to Carley Corporation in Orlando, FL, is responsible for providing the Image Generation system and the correlated real-time, three-dimensional (3D) databases to represent the operational environment for the EFV trainers [...]


Forklifts need simulation too!

GlobalSim, the US-based supplier of simulation training systems for the crane and material handling market, has announced the installation of 11 additional MasterLift 3000 advanced training simulators for the new ATLAS II 10,000 lbs (4545 kg) rough terrain forklift used by the US Army.

In January, the company delivered and installed four of the training simulators at Fort Redstone, five units at Fort Eustis and two units in customised transportable containers at Fort AP Hill. The containerised devices can be transported by rail or truck to remote sites. The company says that this provides a more flexible training programme by providing realistic training on site. [...]



European Coordinated Research on Long term Challenges in Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies): first call for proposals. Deadline: 5th of November 2010. For further information visit the website





3-D computer simulations help envision supernovae explosions

A Princeton-led team has found a way to make computer simulations of supernovae exploding in three dimensions, which may lead to new scientific insights.

For scientists, supernovae are true superstars -- massive explosions of huge, dying stars that shine light on the shape and fate of the universe.

For a brief burst of time, supernovae can radiate more energy than the sun will emit in its lifetime. With the potential energy of 25 hundred trillion trillion nuclear weapons, they can outshine entire galaxies, producing some of the biggest explosions ever seen, and helping track distances across the cosmos.

Now, a Princeton-led team has found a way to make computer simulations of supernovae exploding in three dimensions, which may lead to new scientific insights. [...]


Computer-simulated life forms evolve intelligence

Computer-simulated life forms which reproduce themselves inside their electronic world have evolved to produce basic intelligence.

It is hoped that the discovery may in future lead to artificially intelligent brains "bred" within a computer.

The "Avidians," a race of digital beings in a computer world called Avida run by scientists at Michigan State University, with computer code instead of DNA that is copied -- not quite perfectly -- every time they breed. The random copying errors create differences in their code which dictate how well, or badly, they will perform in their simulated world. After thousands more generations, the Avidians evolved a rudimentary memory. [...]


British Army in iPOD trial

The British Army Aviation Centre at Middle Wallop, is to trial a new iPod-based recognition tool, InsightMobile. Army helicopter pilots will use the handheld recognition trainer to help with rapid, accurate identification of vehicles and weapons.

Tim Dewing, Chief Executive Officer of DTM Global Ltd, the company behind the iPod-based recognition trainer, says “PC versions of Insight are already in service with the military in the United States, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Australia and the UK, but this is the first time it will have been trialed on iPods.” [...]


Call for Entries 2010 Awards and 2011 Calendars

Are you working on an exciting application using Presagis products that you would like to share? Be sure to make your submission by October 1st, 2010!

The annual Presagis Awards will be awarded to eligible customers and partners who have shown great innovation in the use of Presagis Embedded Graphics and Modeling & Simulation products. We are looking to honor your achievements, and to spread the word about your exciting project!  Whether it be an embedded graphics application, a visual simulation application, a new content database, or a high-fidelity 3D model, we invite you to submit your work for the 2010 Presagis Awards.

Click here for further information.

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