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Nanogenesis Officially Becomes a Division of AEgis Technologies

Huntsville, Alabama (October 21, 2010) – Nanogenesis recently became its own division of The AEgis Technologies Group, an important milestone for both AEgis and the Nanogenesis Group.  Nanogenesis is made up of a dynamic and multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers focused on transitioning innovative micro- and nano-scale technologies from the laboratory to the marketplace.

Nanogenesis was formed in an effort to create a unique identity for this advanced technology development arm of AEgis.  The team was originally called the Microsystems Group, and in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the Microsystems Group primarily supported the development of MEMS and photonic technologies in Huntsville, AL. Their work has expanded significantly over the last five years, with new laboratories in Albuquerque, NM, opening in 2008, new clean room and electro-optics facilities in Huntsville in 2009, and personnel stationed in the Oak Ridge, TN, area in 2010. [...]


AEgis Wins CARTS ID/IQ Contract

Huntsville, Alabama (October 20, 2010) - AEgis Technologies is on the winning team for a contract by the U.S. Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation to provide technical solutions to support the modernization of Army training ranges worldwide.  The multiple award, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract has a one-year base period of performance, four one-year options and a total ceiling value of $400 million for all awardees if all options are exercised.  [...]


Huntsville Simulation Conference October 26-28

Huntsville, Alabama (October 15, 2010) -  The Society for Modeling and Simulation International, in conjunction with its local host the Alabama Modeling and Simulation Council (AMSC), will be holding its annual Huntsville Simulation Conference October 26-28, 2010 at the Huntsville Marriott.  The HSC draws a great deal of local participation including industry, academia and government, yet still has international support.  With Huntsville being one of America’s leading simulation hubs with headquarters and branches of most all of the large companies with M&S interest, the location is a perfect fit. [...]


Ship Simulator Extremes

For naval simulation fans the next iteration of the Ship Simulator series was released in late August. Having reviewed the original Ship Simulator 2006, I was interested to see how the series had evolved since I had skipped the Ship Simulator 2008 release. The obvious changes are improved graphics, expanded areas of operation, and a huge list of playable ships. The product is available from multiple sources including a boxed version, via direct download from the VSTEP web site, or downloadable by Steam.  [...]

The 3-D Simulation that Lets Your Surgeon Practice...on You

You wouldn’t fly on a commercial jet plane unless you were confident that the pilot had logged some serious time in a flight simulator, preparing for every eventuality. Someday it may be just as inconceivable to undergo delicate surgery without assurances that your doctor has taken a few practice runs on a three-dimensional, interactive simulation of your own anatomy. Researchers at Stanford University are hastening that day by developing a training technology that allows doctors to rehearse surgical procedures before the patient reaches the operating room. [...]


The Man Who Builds Brains

On the quarter-mile walk between his office at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland and the nerve center of his research across campus, Henry Markram gets a brisk reminder of the rapidly narrowing gap between human and machine. At one point he passes a museum like display filled with the relics of old supercomputers, a memorial to their technological limitations. At the end of his trip he confronts his IBM Blue Gene/P—shiny, black, and sloped on one side like a sports car. That new supercomputer is the center­piece of the Blue Brain Project, tasked with simulating every aspect of the workings of a living brain. [...]


The New AI: Turn Robots Into Infant Scientists

While it’s clear that we have a lot going for ourselves right out of the womb, it’s equally clear that one of our most admirable qualities is that we rapidly “get it” – we learn languages, skills for manipulating objects, hip hop dance moves, recipes for coconut mojitos, and how to charm people into liking us (ideally, in that order). Rather than experiential learning like this, early AI work focused on sophisticated reasoning problems. The touchstone for these efforts was Alan Turing’s original effort to mimic the reasoning processes of mathematicians engaged in solving a math problem – an effort that gave us many great things, particularly a distillation of what it means for something to be computable that stands as one of the great intellectual accomplishments of the twentieth century. [...]


New “Disaster Lab” Simulates Hurricanes, Destroys Entire Houses

The Institute Business & Home Safety, an organization backed by the insurance industry, built the $40 million hangar of destruction in South Carolina.

With an update next year, “we’ll shoot hail down from the rafters of the building to simulate hail storms,” said Tim Reinhold, senior vice president of research at Tampa-based IBHS. The goal is to improve building codes and maintenance practices in disaster-prone regions. Such labs, insurers say, help reduce their exposure to catastrophic losses—even at a cost of $100,000 for each large hurricane simulation. [...]

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