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SISO / Space Forum Student Invitation, Distributed Simulation Exercise “SIMULATION SMACKDOWN”

WHAT - The Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO)  in cooperation with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)  is planning a “Simulation Smackdown” event - an “everybody wins” friendly competition where students will build and operate simulated systems for a lunar colony.  The scenario will be the realistic operation of a prospective moon base. 

WHY – A primary objective of this activity is to have students experience modeling and simulation interoperability by doing it : a) distributed simulation interoperability using the state-of-the-practice HLA Evolved, IEEE 1516-2010, available via; and b) the use of modeling and simulation in collaborative environments in supporting NASA mission analysis, planning and operations.  Students will learn to join and operate a distributed simulation where their simulated systems can interact with other students’ systems and the simulated lunar environment; and they will also have the opportunity to use professional development tools provided by leading simulation vendors. We believe this experience will increase  their employability and interest in the work itself.

HOW – The event will use the latest professional software and interoperability standards emphasizing HLA Evolved, IEEE 1516-2010.



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Component models will be constructed by modeling and simulation professionals from NASA, DoD and industry and made available to student teams, together with access to state-of-practice simulation infrastructure software.  In addition,  students will receive hands-on mentoring and participation with modeling and simulation practitioners.


WHO - Teams led by renowned universities from the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Japan consisting of modeling and simulation students coached by university representatives, supported by major commercial vendors, and mentored by NASA engineers and scientists.  Zack Crues of the Software, Robotics and Simulation Division of the Johnson Center (JSC) will provide programmatic leadership oversight. Mike Conroy of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (KSC) will coordinate NASAs technical participation.   Priscilla Elfrey (KSC) will coordinate on behalf of SISO support.


WHEN and WHERE - This exercise event as envisioned as a series of transactions. The first “Smackdown” execution event is scheduled for joint SISO / Society for Computer Simulation International (SCS) conference to be held April 4 through 8, 2011 in Boston, MA.  Teams are forming now.  The final roster of participates will be set by Jan 30, 2010.

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