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SimSummit Meeting at I/ITSEC

The SimSummit Roundtable has been held in association with NTSA’s International/Interservice Training and Simulation Conference (I/ITSEC) 2010, on Thursday, December 2, from 9:00 – 11:00  in the South Concourse of the Orange County Convention Center (Orlando, FL, USA).

Several topics relating to the SimSummit agenda have been discussed including the following:

· Facilitating National and International M&S collaboration

· Identifying opportunities for systematic collaboration between ‘industry’ and ‘government’ on matters of M&S technology, workforce development, and business practice

· Simulation Body of Knowledge

· Simulation Code of Ethics

· Simulation Professional Certification

· Investment metrics for Modeling & Simulation

Moreover, a special Invited Guest Speaker, Changbum Ahn, the Director of the 1st R&D Institute (Precision Guided Munitions) of the Korean Agency for Defense Development (ADD), gave a presentation on their organizations and their interest in M&S technologies supporting their application domain.  ADD is the primary institute for assessing new weapons and weapons systems for South Korea. The ADD is responsible for the planning and conduct of all defense acquisition for the Republic of Korea, including R&D, testing and evaluation and support for military purchases, both domestic and international.

Additional information will be soon available in the SimSummit website.



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MISS—MSNet ongoing cooperation: Agent Directed Simulation Symposium and Tracks

Tuncer Ören and Levent Yilmaz (respectively affiliated with the University of Ottawa, Canada and the Auburn University, USA) serve, from many years, as General Chairs of the Agent Directed Simulation Symposium (part of the Spring Simulation Multiconference) and as chairs of different international conferences tracks on Agent Directed Simulation.

The purpose of ADS symposium tracks is to facilitate dissemination of the most recent advancements in the theory, methodology, application, and toolkits of agent-directed simulation. Agent-directed simulation is comprehensive in the integration of agent and simulation technology, by including models that use agents to develop domain-specific simulations and by also including the use of agent technology to develop simulation techniques and toolkits that are subsequently applied, either with or without agents.

The ADS Symposium and tracks have to be regarded as one of the best example of well established and ongoing collaborations between MISS and MSNet centers. The following events are scheduled in the upcoming international conferences:


· ADS Symposium part of the Spring Simulation Multiconference

· ADS track at the European Modeling and Simulation Symposium 2011

· ADS track at the Summer Computer Simulation Conference 2011


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