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Nota esplicativa

New Year's Greetings from Suzette McLeod


I was pleased to hear from D. J. Weed, the Executive Director of SCS, that the society continues to function and grow.  After John died in 2005, I fell out of touch with our many professional friends, including the SCS staff.  A little less than two years ago I got to the point where I couldn't live alone in the La Jolla house, and was moved reluctantly to Tucson, where our second son Robert lives.  [...]


SCS Historical Newsletter:  January 1954


John McLeod (NAMTC) opened the meeting, saying that having elected a new Chairman of the Steering Committee he would like to put him to work  right away. He the introduced our Chairman, Stan Rogers.

Stan said that he hoped the usual informality would be preserved -  that it was not customary to have everyone who spoke be sure of what he wanted to say. Ideas unbaked, half-baked, our fully baked were welcome. [...]