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 University is well underway in preparing for the 2011 Modeling, Simulation, and Gaming Student Capstone Conference.

The Conference is open to students at the Undergraduate and Graduate levels, and is intended as a venue for students interested in Modeling and Simulation topics to be able to present their academic research and participate in the overall conference experience.

The 2011 Conference will consist of six tracks in which students may submit their research papers in modeling, simulation, gaming, and related application areas. [...]


SimSummit Meeting at I/ITSEC

The SimSummit Meeting of 2 December at I/ITSEC in Orlando, FL, was very successful and particularly interesting regarding:

a) the introduction of prospective new organizational members,

b) discussion of means whereby SimSummit can further pursue its mission to influence the M&S discipline, profession, industry and market by execution of particular ACTIONS. 

Special thanks to representatives of participating organizations who were able to attend in person. Materiel related to the conduct of the meeting including:

a) attendees,

b) agenda briefing,

c) minutes,


e) Briefing

f) materiel provided by guests from the Korean ADD,

will be forwarded and posted to the SimSummit website at:, the SimSummit ‘Linkedin’ social collaboration venue, and a sharepoint 2010 program coordination venue to be initialized early in 2011.



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Call for Papers: SCS M&S Magazine

The fundamental goal of the M&S Magazine is to present articles that have an appeal or direct relevance to a major segment of the modeling and simulation community. Naturally, the specific segment will vary depending on the information content of any particular article, but the key element is broad appeal. The readership community ideally will not be restricted to M&S professionals; i.e., those who identify M&S as their principle professional occupation. The target readership is broader and includes those who might be regarded as “casual” users of the M&S methodology or, possibly, those who have only recently become involved with it. Ideally the content of the articles in the M&S Magazine will have aspects that might draw these users closer into the mainstream.

Articles in the M&S Magazine will not be directed to a “niche market”. However, this should not be interpreted as the basis for excluding technical topics that have a very specific orientation. Rather it reflects on the manner in which the material is presented; e.g., essential information about foundational concepts should always be included and the use of jargon and acronyms that are familiar only to specialists in the field should be avoided.

For further information or for submitting an article please contact the Editor in Chief Lou Birta


Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization Student Capstone Conference

The Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center (VMASC) will host the fifth annual Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Student Capstone Conference on Thursday, April 14, 2011.

The Capstone Conference Committee at the Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center (VMASC) of Old Dominion

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News from SCS Networks

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