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Ship Simulator Extremes

For naval simulation fans the next iteration of the Ship Simulator series was released in late August. Having reviewed the original Ship Simulator 2006, I was interested to see how the series had evolved since I had skipped the Ship Simulator 2008 release. The obvious changes are improved graphics, expanded areas of operation, and a huge list of playable ships. The product is available from multiple sources including a boxed version, via direct download from the VSTEP web site, or downloadable by Steam.

Upon firing up the game you can choose to play multiple modes including single missions, campaigns, free roam, or multiplayer. In free roam you can choose any port area or open ocean location, choose a type of ship, set the weather and just go out exploring on your own. The single mission folder, oddly enough, is empty. That’s right — there are no single missions with the game even though that is one of the choices. The three campaign selections are full of individual missions that are somewhat linked together to give a feeling of a continuous job path, but calling it a campaign is a bit of a stretch.  [...]


A Fight to Win the Future: Computers vs. Humans

At the dawn of the modern computer era, two Pentagon-financed laboratories bracketed Stanford University. At one laboratory, a small group of scientists and engineers worked to replace the human mind, while at the other, a similar group worked to augment it. In 1963 the mathematician-turned-computer scientist John McCarthy started the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. The researchers believed that it would take only a decade to create a thinking machine.

Also that year the computer scientist Douglas Engelbart formed what would become the Augmentation Research Center to pursue a radically different goal — designing a computing system that would instead “bootstrap” the human intelligence of small groups of scientists and engineers. [...]


5 Therapeutic Uses for Virtual Reality

Virtual reality isn’t just for movies and games. In doctors’ offices around the world, it’s being used to treat a range of phobias, disorders and mental and cognitive problems.

Before computer technology matured, therapists would expose patients gradually and in small doses to the object of their phobia, giving them the ability to cope so that in the real world the person could deal with the phobia. But even in small doses, exposure to a fear would overwhelm a patient.  In simulated environments, the patient has control over the situation.
















“They can push the envelope and at any moment stop,” said Brenda Wiederhold, a licensed clinical psychologist and executive vice president of the Virtual Reality Medical Center in San Diego, Calif.  After practicing how to address a fear in a virtual setting, patients are then asked to try out their coping skills in the real world. [...]


SPRINGSIM keynote Speaker Information

Thinking of joining us for the upcoming Spring Simulation Multiconference in Boston from April 4-7, 2011? We are proud to announce the exciting Keynote Speakers we have lined up for this year's event:

Monday Morning Keynote Speakers:

· Dr. Laszlo Barabasi, Director of the Center for Complex Network Research, Northeastern University

· Dr. Paul Barton, Lammot du Pont Professor of Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

· Dr. Pieter Mosterman, Senior Research Scientist, The MathWorks Inc.

Tuesday Morning Keynote Speaker:

· Dr. Jacqueline R. Henningsen, Director for Studies & Analysis, Assessments and Lessons Learned Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington, DC


SUMMERSIM 2011 Deadlines Extension

The Summer Simulation Multiconference, including SCSC, GCMS and SPECTS will be held next 27-30 June 2011, in the World Forum; The Hague, Netherlands

SCSC'11 SPECTS and GCMS'11 deadlines have been extended to March 18!

· CLICK HERE for information about the 2011 Summer Computer Simulation Conference (SCSC'11)

· CLICK HERE for information about the 2011 Grand Challenges in Modeling & Simulation Conference (GCMS'11)

· CLICK HERE for information about the 2011 International Symposium on Performance Evaluation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (SPECTS 2011)

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