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Modeling and Simulation Professional Courses

The Modeling & Simulation Professional Courses are jointly organized by MISS-DIPTEM University of Genoa, Simulation Team and Liophant Simulation in cooperation with the Modeling & Simulation Center of Excellence (M&S COE).

Attendees have the opportunity to select among four different M&S courses categories: Fundamentals, Regular, Educational Package Fundamental and Educational Package Advanced.

The upcoming M&S Professional course will be held next September jointly with the DHSS 2011I3M 2011 Multiconference and Cax Forum in Rome.

Each M&S course includes lecturing and exercises provided by world-wide experts with several years of experience and activity in the M&S field from major center of excellence, i.e. MISS-DIPTEM University of Genoa, Virginian Modeling & Simulation Center (VMASC), GrVa Universidad Federal de Rio de Janeiro, LSIS Marseille, MAST, MSC-LES, National Center for Simulation (NSC), NASA, Riga TU, UAB,  University of Arizona, etc. [...]


2010 'Excellence in Education' Innovation Awards

The 'Excellence in Education' Innovation awards were announced at the simulation conference on the 20 December 2010.

For the first time there were three categories.

'Excellence in Education' Innovation Awards:

The third ‘Excellence in Education’ Innovation awards rewarded educational programmes that utilised simulation-based and technology-enhanced postgraduate medical education between March 2010 and December 2010 and promoted patient safety and high-quality clinical care.

Commendations were awarded to:

· Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust for developing and piloting a urological surgery course incorporating virtual reality simulators and crisis resource management.

· The major trauma team at St George's Healthcare NHS Trust for developing 'shop-floor' high fidelity simulation trauma education in the emergency department. [...]


SimSummit Roundtable to be held at the 2011 Spring Joint SCS/SISO Workshop in Boston

The meeting of the SimSummit Roundtable will be held at the 2011 Spring Joint SCS/SISO Workshop in Boston, MA.  The meeting will be on Tuesday, April 5, from 9:00 – 11:00 AM in Salon D of the Marriott Long Wharf Hotel. 

The SimSummit program agenda is being coordinated by SpringSim host organizations: the Society for Modeling and Simulation International [SCS] and the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO).

Several topics relating to the SimSummit agenda are active, and progress will be reported at the meeting.  Of particular interest will be:

· Economics of Modeling and Simulation – Intellectual Property (see enclosure), and

· Identifying opportunities for systematic collaboration between ‘industry’ and ‘government’ on matters of M&S technology, workforce development, and business practice.


The M&S Center of Excellence Extends JTLS Capabilities

The Modeling & Simulation (M&S) Center of Excellence (COE) staff in Rome, Italy, recently completed two weeks of specialized and intensive JTLS training. Presented by ROLANDS & ASSOCIATES Corporation (R&A®) and tailored for the COE’s future use of the Simulation to meet their studies, analysis and training objectives. The training requirements were mutually agreed upon by COE and R&A’s M&S Engineers. The two courses were based on R&A’s JTLS 120, Database Development Procedures and Tools, and JTLS 200, Introduction To Technical Control. JTLS 120 is for users who will be developing and maintaining JTLS Databases. It introduces the tools available to database personnel and the mechanics of how to use each of them. JTLS 200 teaches JTLS users how to configure the JTLS software in preparation for its use in a variety of scenarios and with a variety of hardware. The course provides the tools necessary to carry out Technical Control responsibilities during training exercises. Reference material for both courses are in the JTLS technical documentation, which is provided to all JTLS users [...]




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