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Norwegian MOD Begins JTLS Training


Representatives of the Norwegian National Defense Headquarters have begun a series of training events to prepare for the installation and use of the Joint Theater Level Simulation (JTLS) to support future command post exercises (CAXs) and civil-military analyses. The first contingent completed a week of advanced modeling concepts and database preparation in June 2011. The intensive training was developed specifically for the MOD and conducted by ROLANDS & ASSOCIATES Corporation (R&A) engineers at the R&A Modeling and Simulation Center. [...]


FRAVE: Flexible virtual reality system

Product designers harness time-consuming procedures in prototype construction. Only then are they able to assess the results of their work in a comprehensive manner. In a three-dimensional model world, they are able to do so instantly and can experience how the product fits into its natural surroundings. Design alterations can be visualized immediately, saving time and cutting the costs associated with the development process. [...]


5 Therapeutic Uses for Virtual Reality

Virtual reality isn’t just for movies and games. In doctors’ offices around the world, it’s being used to treat a range of phobias, disorders and mental and cognitive problems.

Before computer technology matured, therapists would expose patients gradually and in small doses to the object of their phobia, giving them the ability to cope so that in the real world the person could deal with the phobia. But even in small doses, exposure to a fear would overwhelm a patient. [...]

















Two important meetings concerning the future use of JTLS were held at the USJFCOM / JWFC the week of 16 May 2011. The first meeting was chaired by Prof. Dr. E Cayirici, NATO Joint Warfare Center, CAX Support Branch Head. This was initially planned to be the charter meeting for the NATO Training Federation (NTF) but became the planning environment for the future Configuration Control Board (CCB) to be held at the NATO COE, Rome, Italy, September 16, 2011. [...]


RAAF Training on New ATC Simulator

Adacel has announced that it has successfully completed final acceptance for the MaxSim Air Traffic Control (ATC) Tower simulator suite delivered to the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) School of Air Traffic Control at East Sale. The multi-million dollar acquisition by the RAAF includes a suite of Adacel’s ATC tower simulators to train [...]


Vcom3D Announces Contract for “Serious Game for Continuity of Care

ORLANDO, FL., May 17, 2011 – Vcom3D is proud to announce its award of the Office of the Secretary of Defense SBIR topic #OSD10-H08.  Entitled “Serious Game for Continuity of Care Training”, the overall goal of this SBIR project is to develop and demonstrate instructional strategies and modular system architecture for training a wide range of individual and team skills that are required for providing effective continuity of care that can ultimately stand alone or integrate with the Air Force Medical Virtual World. [...]




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