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Libraries and Collections (including list of publications and other contributions by experts in the field of M&S)

· Amazon: Books Collection on Simulation

· Directory of Open Access Journals (1814 Journals, about 347763 articles)

                           Technology and Engineering Open Acess Journals (478 journals)

                           Computer Science Open Acess Journals (175 journals)

· The British Library – simulation (British Library web site: over 40 hits, catalogue records: over 11000 hits, journal articles: over 128000 hits )

· Discover Magazine

                           Collection on Simulation

· Human Computer Interfaces: Collection on Simulation

· National Defence and the Canadian Forces  (almost 7000 entries)

                           Collection on Simulation

                           Collection on Modeling

                           Collection on Wargaming

                           Collection on Gaming

· Online Research in Philosophy

                           Collection on Simulation

                           Collection on Modeling

                           Collection on Mathematical Modeling

                           Collection on Emergence

· Machine like us

                           Collection on Simulation

· MSIAC’s M&S Newsletter

· Microsoft Academic Search: Collection on Simulation

· Modeling and Simulation (M&S CO) Online Library

· US Library of Congress

· US Library of Congress - Digital Collections

· NATO Modelling and Simulation Group—Publications

· NCSU Libraries

                           Collection on Simulation

· List of publications and other contribution by experts in the field of M&S

                           Marco Aiello

                           Mikuláš Alexík

                           Osman Balci

                           Fernando Barros

                           Laxmidhar Behera

                                   John Boardman

                           Rafael H. Bordini

                           Wolfgang Borutzky

                           Kathleen M. Carley

                           Francois Cellier

                           Mehdi Dastani

                           Daniel DeLaurentis

                           Virginia Dignum

                           Doron Drusinsky

                           Julie Dugdale

                           Anthony Finkelstein

                           Paul Fishwick

                           Debraj Ghosh

                           Alessandro Giua

                           Drew Hamilton

                           Henry Hexmoor

                           Xiaolin Hu

                           Anthony Hunt

                           Marco Janssen

                           Peter Johnson

                           Eleni Karatza

                           Tim Kelly

                           Jack Kleijnen

                           Francesco Longo

                           Gregory R. Madey

                           Richard Nance

                           Cornelius Ncube

                           Desmond Saunders-Newton

                           Mohammad Obaidat

                           Tuncer Ören

                           Radhakant Padhi

                           David del Rio Vilas

                           Hessam Sarjoughian

                           Brian Sauser

                           Rossi Setchi

                           Maarten Sierhuis

                           Andreas Tolk

                           Gabriel Wainer

                           Sule Yildirim

                           Levent Yilmaz

                           Mike Wooldridge

                           Bernard P. Zeigler

· List of Publications provided by Microsoft Academic Search

· List of Simulationists (by Prof. F. Cellier)

· List of Distinguished Simulationists (Speakers of SCS)

· The New York Times: Collection on Simulation

· The Robert Sargent Papers, 1962-2003

· Publications of the National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center

· Scientific American: Collection on Simulation (more than 600 links to articles)

· Simulation Information

                          Collection on history of simulation articles

· Springer: Book Collection on Simulation

· United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT)

                           US-CERT, Collection on Simulation

· World Scientific (Journals)

                           Collection on Simulation

· Top authors in Simulation (by Microsoft Academic Search)

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