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Simulating the evolution of the Universe

Juhan Kim and colleagues from the Korea Institute for Advanced Study in Seoul have completed the largest simulation of the universe ever attempted. The simulation calculates the evolution of 374 billion cold dark matter particles in a box some 10 gigaparsecs across -- this represents approximately two thirds the size of the observable Universe. This virtual universe is 8,800 times larger than the previous record holder. […]


Banks & Sokolowski publication focus of media attention

VMASC's John Sokolowski and Catherine Banks recently published a paper in the International Journal of System of Systems Engineering. In a December press release, the journal's editors singled out the duo's innovative approach to modeling climate change. […]


AEgis Provides 3D Model Content for iPad Military Simulation Game


The AEgis Technologies Group provided 3D model content from their 3D Elements Model Library for the iPad Military Simulation game called ArmedForceHD. The game was released on August 21 by Airborne Games, LLC, and is currently being sold and distributed on iTunes. 3D Elements is a Real-Time Library of 3D models optimized for the simulation and training market. The models are also being used by analysts for homeland defense security applications. While this is not the first use of the models in a game environment, this is the first time the models have been used for an iPad game application. […]

Inaugural Congress of National Modeling and Simulation Coalition

NMSC is a new, national organization whose intent is to bring together all constituents and stakeholders developing and using modeling and simulation in manufacturing, defense, medicine, energy, transportation, education and other areas.  Its purpose is to establish and further a national agenda for modeling and simulation and to facilitate its growth and use into broad areas to support our national economy, social welfare and security. […]


Tolk leads  successful M&S conference in Asia

Andreas Tolk, professor of engineering management and systems engineering in Old Dominion University's Batten College of Engineering and Technology, recently chaired the Military Training and Simulation Asia (MTSA) conference in Singapore. […]

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