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Science: Ancient Impact May Explain the Moon’s Magnetic Quirks

Mark Wieczorek from the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris in Paris, France, and colleagues from the United States have completed detailed computer simulations that suggest an origin for these magnetic anomalies on the moon. [more]


Smackdown takes place March 26-30, 2012

The SISO Simulation “Smackdown” is an international cooperative experience where teams of university students—with help from faculty advisors, M&S (modeling and simulation) professionals within industry, NASA, and other areas of government—build and participate in a simulated lunar resupply mission. [more]


AEgis Technologies Awarded MH-47E / MH-60K Combat Mission Simulator Upgrade Contract

The AEgis Technologies Group was awarded the MH-47/MH-60 Combat Mission Simulator Legacy Upgrade Effort (LUE) contract to upgrade two combat mission simulators at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. The Army estimates the contract to be worth up to $31 million. [more]


VMASC Researchers Developing 100-year Sea Level Rise Decision Model

According to scientific projections, global seas are projected to rise noticeably in the next 100 years as the climate warms and polar ice caps melt. Hampton Roads will be one of the urban areas in the United States most affected by rising seas. But what does that mean for agriculture? How will this impact the energy grid? And where should we build hospitals to serve a population that's likely to migrate throughout the region as areas are affected by high water? [more]


New Method for Constructing Nanomaterials based on Computer Simulation Developed

A multinational research team has developed a method for making nanomaterials based on computer simulations. The scientists from the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, and Harvard University found that long and narrow graphene nanoribbons can be rolled into carbon nanotubes by means of twisting. They say this method can be used for making a wide variety of unique nano-structures including those in which the tubes encapsulate molecules. [more]


Modeling, Simulation and Visualization: The Jobs wave of the future?

An effort to promote companies that work in computer modeling, simulation and visualization (MSV) is underway as Automation Alley brings together MSV-related businesses and encourages educational institutions to prepare students for the field. [more]


Robot Car Intersections Are Terrifyingly Efficient

It's not just the sensor-driven skills that will soon be common to individual cars that will shape the future of automotive transportation, but also the ability for cars to communicate with each other, sharing constant updates about exactly where they are and where they're going. And with enough detailed information being shared at a fast enough pace between all vehicles on the road, things like traffic lights become completely redundant. [more]


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