Organization Formation and Administration of an SCS Chapter

In accordance with current SCS bylaws (article III, section 1 (h) and section 6.) the following are the policies and procedures for chapters. It should be noted that in accordance with the section concerning the organization of SCS Membership with respect to Professional Member Councils and technical activities, Technical Chapters as well as Local Chapters may be established. The following policies and procedures do not distinguish between these two categories.

  1. Formation of a Chapter.  According to SCS bylaws (article III, section 6) Member Councils can charter Chapters. An application to form a Chapter has to be sent in parallel:

    and must be signed by at least three SCS members with voting rights. This submission has to include an agreement of the proposed Chapter to SCS-bylaws, a summary of the Chapter's proposed policies and procedures as well as it's financial regulations. The Application has to be reviewed and accepted by the Steering Committee of a Member Council and to be approved by the Board of Directors. Within one year after official approval the officers of a Chapter have to be elected or approved (according to SCS election procedures or to the policies and procedures of a Chapter). The Chapter's membership can also include non-SCS members (voting rights only for chapter officers).

  2. Steering Committee. The Steering Committee of a Chapter should consist at lease of a chair, secretary and treasurer. The Steering Committee is elected by the Chapter's members and approved by the Steering Committee of the Member Council.
  3. Finances. Chapters are financially independent from SCS. In general each member of a Chapter should pay a chapter membership fee (e.g. in local currency). This membership fee should cover the expenses of the internal operations of a Chapter.
  4. Benefits from SCS. All Chapter members are kept on the SCS mailing lists and receive information on SCS products (e.g. conferences, publications). All Chapter members who are non-SCS-members can participate at SCS conferences at a reduced conference fee and can order SCS publication materials at a reduced rate. SCS transfers a limited copyright to the Chapter's Steering Committee (which allows it to distribute copies of SCS announcements and article abstracts to Chapter members at the Chapter’s expenses).
  5. Responsibilities to SCS/Member Council. All members of a Chapter have to be reported and filed to the SCS administration. Each fiscal year, a Chapter's annual report has to be sent to the member council. SCS can get access to the Chapter's publications at no cost. SCS individual members can become Chapter members at a reduced chapter fee rate 

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