SpringSim'11 Special Tutorial - A Career in Modeling and Simulation

Special Tutorial


A Career in Modeling and Simulation


SCS & SpringSim'11 are proud to announce a special tutorial at this year's conference on "A Career in Modeling and Simulation" by Dr. Tim Cooley, President and Founder of DynamX Consulting, a veteran owned consulting firm located in Larkspur, Colorado.

Dr Tim Cooley
President and Founder of DynamX Consulting

Dr Cooley spent 16 years on the United States Air Force Academy faculty, both in uniform and as a civilian, holding numerous positions to include Modeling and Simulation Chair, Deputy Department Head, and Senior Researcher. His previous military assignments included Squadron Commander of the 1987th Communications Squadron at Lowry AFB and Land Mobile Radio Manager for CINCNORAD. Currently, Dr Cooley is researching terrorist and criminal network modeling as well as the modeling of industrial supply chains. He developed and teaches the Air Force Combat Analysis Class and has performed detailed research on methodology for determining return on investment for modeling and simulation. He is co-author of the 2011 Defense Acquisition University Research Paper of the Year and 2011 Hirsch Prize recipient. Dr Cooley received his PhD in Computer Science/Biomedical Engineering from Rutgers University in 1996. He was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa in 1982 and is a lifetime member of Sigma XI, the Scientific Research Society.

  • Why would someone want to work in the field of Modeling and Simulation?
  • What kind of skills are required for this field?
  • What is it all about anyway?

Have you ever wondered about the answers to these questions?  Or, maybe you just are unsure of what you want to do for or with your career. This tutorial will give a brief overview of the field of Modeling and Simulation, present why it is a growing discipline with an appetite for many jobs over the next decade, and discuss some of the skills required to succeed in the field. The emphasis will be on college students but those contemplating a career change may benefit as well.

The tutorial will be held Sunday, April 3rd from 3pm - 5pm in a room to be determined.  See the SCS personnel at the SCS registration desk to find out what room the tutorial is to be held in.

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