ADS 2013: Accepted Submissions

Agent-Based Simulation for UAV Swarm Mission Planning and Execution
Yi Wei, Gregory R. Madey and M.Brian Blake

Agent-Based Simulation of Cooperative Hunting with UAVs
Ryan McCune and Greg Madey

Design and Evaluation of UAV Swarm Command and Control Strategies
Alexander Madey and Gregory Madey

Evolutionary Intelligent Agent Modeling for Emergent Warship Combat Simulation
Chan-Ho Jung, Yong-Jun You, Sung-Do Chi, Jae-Ick Kim and Seung-Jin Han

Examining The Dynamics Of Epithelial Metaplasia And Pouchitis In An Illeal Pouch With A Spatially-Explicit computational multi-scale gut model (MSGM)
Chase Cockrell, Scott Christley and Gary An

Hierarchical Multi-Agent-Based Model for Simulating the Prevalence and Evolution of Influenza Virus
Takahiro Sasaki

Impact of Population Relocation to City Commerce: Micro-Level Estimation with Agent-Based Model
SeHoon Lee, JoonSoo Shin, GeunHo Lee and Il-Chul Moon

Investigation of Normal Colonic Crypt Behaviors Through Agent-based Simulations
Matthew Saponaro, Keith Decker, Bruce Boman and Gilberto Schleiniger

Moralia: Exploratory Agent-based Modeling of AIDS
Muaz Niazi and Amnah Siddiqa

Multi-hop Communications in a Swarm of UAVs
Rachael Purta, Saurabh Nagrecha and Gregory Madey

Multi-level modeling as a society of interacting models
Benjamin Camus, Christine Bourjot and Vincent Chevrier

Network-Based Trust Games: An Agent-Based Model
Shu-Heng Chen and Tong Zhang

Themis-1: An Agent-Based Model of a Modern Monetary Reserve System
Sean Williams and Stephan Eidenbenz