ANSS 2013: Accepted Submissions

Accurate and Efficient Algorithm for Estimating the Reliability of Digital Combinational Circuits
Walid Ibrahim

Cost-benefit analysis of Digital Rights Management products using stochastic models
Wen Zeng, Kaiyu Liu and Maciej Koutny

Flow Count: A CDN Dynamic Replica Placement Algorithm for Cross Traffic Optimization
Moises Rodrigues, Andre Moreira, Marcio Neves, Arthur Callado, Ernani Azevêdo, Djamel Sadok and Victor Souza

Implementing RSVP-Based Capacity Admission in OPNET Modeler
Flavius Pana and Ferdi Put

Integration of Test-Driven Agile Simulation Approach in Service-Oriented Tool Environment
Vitali Schneider and Reinhard German

MobiSIM: A Simulation Library for Resource Prediction of Smartphones and Wireless Sensor Networks
Markus Buschhoff, Jochen Streicher, Björn Dusza, Christian Wietfeld and Olaf Spinczyk

On an Integrated Mapping and Scheduling Solution to Large-scale Scientific Workflows in Resource Sharing Environments
Daqing Yun, Qishi Wu, Yi Gu and Xiyang Liu

On Learning How to Plan Content Delivery Networks
Moises Rodrigues, Andre Moreira, Arthur Callado, Ernani Azevedo, Marcio Neves, Josilene Moreira, Djamel Sadok and Victor Sousa

Parallel Microscopic Simulation of Metropolitan-scale Traffic
Ricardo Fernandes, Fausto Vieira and Michel Ferreira

Performance Analysis of Sampling-based Turbo Coded NCQFSK for Image Data Transmission
Junghwan Kim, Pooja Raorane, Mona Nasseri and Mansoor Alam

Scalable And Transparent Approach To Media Archive Using Digital Object Architecture
Tu Hoang and Lan Yang

Simulator for Tactical Data Link System with Anti-Jamming Capability
Sangho Choe, Bareum Lee and Eunkyeong Jeong

Stochastic Agent-Based Simulations of Social Networks
Garrett Bernstein and Kyle O'Brien

Using Crowdsourced Geographic Information from OpenStreetMap for Discrete Event Simulation of Logistic Systems
Torben Meyer, Matthias Trojahn and Steffen Strassburger

Wireless Sensor Network Simulation with Xen
Paul Harvey and Joseph Sventek