CNS 2013: Accepted Submissions

A Recommendation System for Twitter Users in The Same Neighborhood
Meshary AlMeshary and Abdolreza Abhari

Accurate Heavy Tail Distribution Approximation for Multifractal Network Traffic
Jeferson Stenico and Lee Luan Ling

An efficient QCL-Based Alert Correlation Process
Lydia Bouzar-Benlabiod, Salem Benferhat and Thouraya Bouabana-Tebibel

BGSU Grid: An Experimental and Educational Grid Environment
Hassan Rajaei, Amber Dhavale, Moheeb Alwarsh and Peter Dillon

Design and Implementation of Hybrid Topology Discovery Protocol for MPLS-TP Network
Jin Seek Choi

DEVS-based Modeling of Coordinated Multipoint Techniques for LTE-Advanced
Misagh Tavanpour and Gabriel Wainer

Event Detection and Trending in Multiple Social Networking Sites (Extended Abstract)
Shakira Banu Kaleel and Abdolreza Abhari

Hash Chain To Secure Proactive Protocols
Thouraya Bouabana-Tebibel

Information Retrieval in Web 2.0- Role of Tagging and Folksonomies
Poornima Prabhu and Dr. Abdolreza Abhari

Invited Paper: Visions of the Future Aeronautical Data Network

Max Ehammer

Modeling the Access Market of the Two-Sided Ultra Fast Broadband Platform in New Zealand
Farhaan Mirza and Fernando Beltrán

Multifaceted Modeling and Simulation Framework for System of Systems Using HLA/RTI
Byeong Soo Kim, Chang Beom Choi and Tag Gon Kim

P2P Grid Technology for Virtual Classrooms and Laboratories
Hassan Rajaei and Nada Hakami

Performance analysis of current data hiding algorithms for VoIP
Harrison Neal and Hala ElAarag

Putting Logic in Modeling of Biological Neuron – A New Framework
Aftab Ahmad and Richard Wells

Secure data transmissions
Thouraya Bouabana-Tebibel

Simulation of Mobile Networks using Discrete Event System Specification Theory
Mohammad Moallemi, Gabriel Wainer, Shafagh Jafer, Gary Boudreau and Ronald Casselman

Toward Authorization as a Service A study of the XACML standard
Romain Laborde, François Barrère and Abdelmalek Benzekri

Using an Agent-Based Friend Circle Creator Model to Analyze Drivers of Consumer Choice: Network Effects Vs. Value Proposition

Farhaan Mirza and Fernando Beltrán