HPC 2013: Accepted Submissions

An Efficient Implementation of Range-Doppler Algorithm on GPGPU
Ramakrishna Reddy V, Tirupathi T, Anuradha R, Mahendra P, Pramod Kumar K and Geeta Varadan

An Efficient Parallel Solution to the Wigner-Poisson Equations
Anne Costolanski, C. Timothy Kelley, Gary Howell and Andrew Salinger

Arbiter Work Stealing for Parallelizing Games on Heterogeneous Computing Environments
Wessam AlBahnassi, Dhrubajyoti Goswami and Sudhir P. Mudur

Buffering IO for Data Management in Multi-physics Simulations
William Dai

Cache Efficient Implementation for Block Matrix Operations
Lukas Polok, Viorela Ila and Pavel Smrz

Cloud MapReduce for Particle Filter-Based Data Assimilation for Wildfire Spread Simulation
Fan Bai and Xiaolin Hu

ExascaleWorkload Characterization and Architecture Implications
Prasanna Balaprakash, Darius Buntinas, Anthony Chan, Apala Guha, Rinku Gupta, Sri Hari Krishna Narayanan, Andrew Chien, Paul Hovland and Boyana Norris

Exploring Reliability of Exascale Systems Through Simulations
Dongfang Zhao, Da Zhang, Ke Wang and Ioan Raicu

GPU Accelerated Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Euler Equations and Its Adjoint
Martin Siebenborn and Volker Schulz

GPU-Based Monte Carlo Simulation for the Gibbs Ensemble
Eyad Hailat, Kamel Rushaidat, Jason Mick, Loren Schwiebert and Jeffery Potoff

High Performance Distributed Scheduling Algorithm
Ankur Narang, Abhinav Srivastava and Rudrapatna Shyamasundar

Hybrid Parallel Algorithm For Simulation Of Seismic Wave Propagation In 3D Models Containing Intrusions With Complex Properties
Viktor Kostin, Vadim Lisitsa, Galina Reshetova, Vladimir Tcheverda and Dmitry Vishnevsky

Multiple Objective Scheduling of HPC Workloads Through Dynamic Prioritization
Tyler Simon, Phuong Nguyen and Milton Halem

Performance of an Intuitive Hash Table in Shared-Memory Parallel Programs
Christopher Cischke

Probability-One Homotopy Maps for Tracking Constrained Clustering Solutions
David Easterling, Shahriar Hossain, Layne Watson and Naren Ramakrishnan

SimMatrix: SIMulator for MAny-Task computing execution fabRIc at eXascales
Ke Wang, Kevin Brandstatter and Ioan Raicu

Simulating Resilience in Transaction-Oriented Networks
Dmitry Zinoviev, Hamid Benbrahim, Greta Meszoely and Dan Stefanescu

Storm Surge Simulation and Load Balancing in Azure Cloud
Abhirup Chakraborty, Milinda Pathirage, Isuru Suriarachchi, Kavitha Chandrasekar, Craig Mattocks and Beth Plale

Task Mapping in Rectangular Twisted Tori
Cristóbal Camarero, Enrique Vallejo, Carmen Martínez, Miquel Moreto and Ramón Beivide