SimAUD 2013: Accepted Submissions

A Collaborative Multi-Touch, Multi-Display, Urban Futures Tool
Michael van der Laan, Ronald Kellett, Cynthia Girling, Maged Senbel and Tao Su

A Generalised Event Driven Framework For Building Occupancy

Gandherva G and Aiswarya Prasannakumar

A Review Of The Brazilian NBR 15575 Standard: Applying The Simulation And Simplified Methods For Evaluating A Social House Thermal Performance

Tassia Helena Teixeira Marques and Karin Maria Soares Chvatal

A Study of the Relationship between Urban Form and Environmental Performance for Three Urban Block Typologies of Paris
Ji Zhang

Building Simulation Weather Forecast Files for Model-Based Predictive Control
José A. Candanedo, Éric Paradis and Meli Stylianou

Choreographic Architecture: Inscribing Instructions In An Auxetic Based Material System
Theodoros Themistocleous

City Information Modeling (CIM) And Urbanism: Blocks, Connections, Territories, People And Situations
Todor Stojanovski

Data Mining Using ANN for Finding the Effects of Building Structure on Thermal Comfort
Lubaid Ahmed and Abdolreza Abhari

Designing-In Performance: Cloud based Simulation and Multidisciplinary Design Solution Space Search
Shih-Hsin (Eve) Lin and David Gerber

Development of Discrete Event System Specification (DEVS) Building Performance Models for Building Energy Design
H. Burak Gunay, Liam O'Brien, Rhys Goldstein, Simon Breslav and Azam Khan

Emerg.cities4all: An Integrated Design Tool To Generate Self-Built Tailored Incremental Housing
Alexandra Paio, Vasco Moreira Rato, Joaquim Reis, Filipe Santos and Pedro Faria Lopes

End-node Approach for Street Network Simulation (Abstract)
Hiroshi OTA

Evaluation of Indoor Climate in Low Energy Houses
Liesbeth Staepels, Griet Verbeeck, Staf Roels, Liesje Van Gelder and Geert Bauwens

Façade’s Apertures Optimization. Integrating Cross Ventilation Performance Analysis In Fluid Dynamics Simulation
Chrysanthi (Sandy) Karagkouni, Ava Fatah gen Schieck, Martha Tsigkari and Angelos Chronis

Framework for evaluating the performance robustness of buildings against diverse occupant behavioural patterns
William O'Brien

From Statistical to Diagrammatic Geo-Spatial & Time Based Data Visualization Through Parametric Modeling
Ming Tang, Chris Auffery and Mingming Lu

How Hot Can the University Campus Get in 2050? Environmental Simulation of Climate Change Scenarios at an Urban Neighbourhood Scale
Chengzhi Peng and Amr Elwan

HubPod: Integrating Acoustic Simulation In Architectural Design Workflows
Brady Peters, Nicholas Williams, Jane Burry and Daniel Davis

Improve Building Performance at Urban Scale from Optimal Operation and Real-Time Feedback
Xiufeng Pang, Tianzhen Hong and Mary Ann Piette

Integrated Design in the Simulation Process
Martha Tsigkari, Angelos Chronis, Sam Conrad Joyce, Adam Davis, Shuai Feng and Francis Aish

Isomorphic City: A Customizable Future Scenario
Susannah Dickinson, David Gonzalez and Kyle Szostek

Method in Estimating Building Energy Consumption in Singapore: Top-down Approach
Steve Kardinal Jusuf and Nyuk Hien Wong

Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of a Form-Found Civic Sculpture for Lower Manhattan
Zak Kostura, Erin Morrow and Ben Urick

Preliminary Results of Model Predictive Control of Shading Systems
Brent Huchuk, William O'Brien and Cynthia Cruickshank

Self-Learning Algorithm as a tool to perform Adaptive Behaviour in Unpredictable Changing Environments - A Case Study
Elite Sher, Angelos Chronis and Ruairi Glynn

Simulating Nonlinear nano-to-micro Scaled Material Properties and Effects at the Architectural Scale
Simin Wang, Andrew Lucia and Jenny Sabin

Simulating the Sensing of Building Occupancy
Simon Breslav, Rhys Goldstein, Ben Doherty, Dan Rumery and Azam Khan

Simulation for Planning Passenger and Freight Transportation System Projects
Beth Kulick

Solutions for Scalability in Building Information Modeling and Simulation-Based Design
Sixuan Wang, Gabriel Wainer, Rhys Goldstein and Azam Khan

The Faraday Pavilion: Activating Bending In The Design And Analysis Of An Elastic Gridshell
Paul Nicholas, Elisa Lafuente Hernandez and Christoph Gengnagel

Thermal Performance Of Vegetation On Urban Microclimate
Jalpa Gandhi and Rajan Rawal

Thermal Reconstruction of a Crime Scene Using Calibrated Simulation
Nathan Brown, Susan Ubbelohde, George Loisos, Santosh Philip and Ibone Santiago

Urban Texture Analysis and It's Relation to Building Energy Consumption
Marcel Ignatius, Nyuk Hien Wong and Steve Kardinal Jusuf

Visualization In 3ds Max For Cell-DEVS Models Based On Moving Entities
Victor Freire, Sixuan Wang and Gabriel Wainer