TMS/DEVS 2013: Accepted Submissions

4SEE: A Model-driven Simulation Engineering Framework For Business Processes Analysis In A SaaS Paradigm
Paolo Bocciarelli, Andrea D'Ambrogio and Daniele Gianni

A Cellular Automaton Model for Psoriasis Disease
Morgan Germain, Christopher Banerji, Chrysanthi Ainali and Nour Shublaq

A Metamodel-Based Approach For Generalizing Requirements In Database-Driven 3D Simulation

Martin Hoppen, Michael Schluse and Juergen Rossmann

A Method for DEVS Simulation of E-Commerce Processes for Integrated Business and Technology Evaluation
Carlos María Chezzi, Ana Rosa Tymoschuk and Ricardo Lerman

Abstraction in Physiological Modelling Languages
Steve McKeever, Mandeep Gill, Anthony Connor and David Johnson

Agent-Oriented Approach Based on Discrete Event Systems
Paul-Antoine Bisgambiglia, Paul Antoine Bisgambiglia and Romain Franceschini

Comparison Of Three Agent-Based Platforms On The Basis Of A Simple Epidemiological Model
Kishoj Bajracharya and Raphael Duboz

Creating Suites of Models with System Entity Structure: Global Warming Example
Bernard P. Zeigler, Chungman Seo, Robert Coop and Doohwan Kim

Data and Behavior Decomposition for the Model-Driven Development of an Executable Simulation Model
Gürkan Özhan and Halit Oğuztüzün

DEVS Modeling and Simulation Methodology with MS4Me Software Tool
Chungman Seo, Bernard P. Zeigler, Robert Coop and Doohwan Kim

Efficient Online Analysis of Accidental Fault Localization for Dynamic Systems Using Hidden Markov Model
Ning Ge, Shin Nakajima and Marc Pantel

Enabling Formal Analysis of Energy-Aware Automotive Embedded Systems in EAST-ADL
Eun-Young Kang and Pierre-Yves Schobbens

GAMETE: General Adaptable Metric Execution Tool and Environment
Kurt Rohloff, Kyle Usbeck and Joe Loyall

GAMME, A Meta-Model To Unify Data Needs In Simulation Modeling
Judicaël Bedouet, Nicolas Huynh and Romain Kervarc

Grand Challenges on the Theory of Modeling and Simulation
Simon Taylor, Azam Khan, Katherine Morse, Andreas Tolk, Levent Yilmaz and Justyna Zander

Hybrid Agent based Simulation with Adaptive Learning of Travel Mode Choices for University Commuters
Nagesh Shukla, Albert Munoz, Jun Ma and Nam Huynh

Hybrid Systems Modeling and Verification with DEVS
Hesham Saadawi and Gabriel Wainer

Informal DEVS Conventions Motivated by Practical Considerations
Rhys Goldstein, Simon Breslav and Azam Khan

Metamorphic Differential Simulation Using the Multi-Delay Timing Model
Peter Maurer

Model Composability and Execution Across Simulation, Optimization, and Forecast Models
Hessam Sarjoughian and James Smith

Model-Based Animation of Micro-Traffic Simulation
Philip Guin and Eugene Syriani

Model-Based, Composable Simulation for the Development of Autonomous Miniature Vehicles
Christian Berger, Olaf Landsiedel, Elad Schiller, Michel Chaudron and Rogardt Heldal

Multiple Real-Time Semantics on top of Synchronous Block Diagrams
Andreas Naderlinger

NOISYSIM: Exact Simulation Of Stochastic Chemically Reacting Systems With Extrinsic Bounded Noises
Giulio Caravagna, Giancarlo Mauri and Alberto d'Onofrio

Observations on Real-time Simulation Design and Experimentation
Soroosh Gholami and Hessam Sarjoughian

Occupancy Analysis using Building Information Modeling and Cell-DEVS Simulation
Sixuan Wang, Gabriel Wainer, Vinu Subashini Rajus and Robert Woodbury

On the Representation of Product Lines using Pluggable Software Units: Results from an Exploratory Study
Fernando Barros

Principles for the Realization of an Open Simulation Framework Based on fUML
Jeremie Tatibouet, Arnaud Cuccuru, Sébastien Gerard and François Terrier

Revisit of System Variable Trajectories
Moon Ho Hwang

Semantics for an Interdisciplinary Computation
Justyna Zander and Pieter Mosterman

Survival vs. Revenue: Modelling and Reasoning on Population Dynamics
Andrea Bracciali, Giulio Caravagna and Amjad Ullah

Systematic Management of Simulation State for Multi-Branch Simulations in Simulink
Zhi Han, Pieter Mosterman, Justyna Zander and Fu Zhang

The Impact of Operations Strategies for Emergency Room in Taiwan
Shao-Jen Weng, Po-Yu Huang, Wei-Hsiu Chang, Lee-Min Wang and Chun-Yueh Chang

Towards a Theory of Interface-Based Design of Hierarchical Reactive Systems
Herbert Praehofer

Transformation of Extended Actigram Star to BPMN2.0 in the frame of Model Driven Service Engineering Architecture
Hassan Bazoun, Gregory Zacharewicz, Yves Ducq and Hadrien Boye